Random Chanel Item No. 169
This faux but fancy egg is a regular tradition around here. Speaking of traditions, we celebrated Passover and are now gearing up to host Easter here as well. Wish me luck:)
Have a great weekend!

Minor Obsessions

I finally feel like we are in the home stretch with our vacation home (thanks for the sweet and encouraging comments yesterday) Oddly enough, we still don't have any real plates or bowls in the place...just paper!  My plan to never cook on vacation in Florida, might be foiled by my newest obsession, these charming plates! Plus, I can't resist the nubby texture on these cool bowls (or the great price).  Despite the lack of kitchenware, I did manage to style up a little bar cart down south and these chic little glasses would make a great addition.  My mission to get the walls zhushed continues, I'm currently eyeing this funky piece. Finally, I think these beaded fixtures would look great almost anywhere! Don't you?


Progress On Our Florida House
I've finally sorted through the majority of the zillion images that I took of our Florida place.  This most recent trip was our first time seeing our new staircase (and bathroom) in person, and it did not disappoint!  We are so happy with the way everything came out and how it literally transformed the whole space. The layout of this house is wide open and basically built around the stairs, so getting this element right was pretty crucial.  I searched everywhere for the "before" image of all the black iron railings and I'm thrilled to have finally found it (from two years ago when we first closed on the house).  Originally, we thought we could get by with just painting the railings white, but that ended up not really working.  Once I saw how great the new rail looked, I re-zhushed the console in this photo to work better with the space.  We also got some dining room pieces delivered and happily that space is finally coming together as well.  Next week I'll post a few more updates on some smaller projects we're working on down there. For the first few updates on Florida, click here, here, here and here.


Wednesday Wants
This is our guest bedroom in Florida. The whole house is finally really coming together...but as I sort through all our photos from our most recent trip, it's becoming very clear to me that we need to start thinking about hanging some stuff on the walls.  The other day I spotted this "porcupine quill" inspired mirror over at Horchow (really loving the mirror selection there) and now I can't stop thinking about it.  It also comes in a really chic all white version, which might be perfect for this...the tricky over the bed spot. Which one do you prefer?


It's All In The Details (part 2 of 4)
Further to last week's post, where Target contacted me about shopping it's new products in the Threshold home collection, I'm excited to share this week's find with you.  Having had enough of this cold, gray winter and all the extreme super storms that came along with it, I literally can not wait to welcome spring into my home.  When I spied this over sized vase at Target, I knew right away that it would make a perfect addition to my foyer, adding just the right amount of height and drama that was needed on this table top vignette.  It still feels like winter here, but I was able to find these Forsythia branches at my local supermarket. Not only are they the perfect height and color for the space and new vase, but Forsythias are of course renowned for ushering in spring. I love how the foyer looks now.  One little change made such a positive impact on the whole space.
 pedestal taper vessel 20"

This post is brought to you by Target. Expect More Pay Less.



Hello. I'm back! If you follow on instagram, facebook or twitter, you may have noticed that my family and I have been at our home in Florida on an extended spring break vacation (17 days to be exact). And, now we're back and facing the cold, hard reality of Monday morning here in New York, the land that spring forgot....

I'm hoping to get my act together (once I emerge from a mountain of bills, invoices, emails, etc.) and be able show you the progress we've made on our Floridian vacation home, maybe later this week.  I'm also hoping that once the literal dust settles around here (we had some work done on this house while we were away) to have some images of this as well! Spoiler alert: The blue cabinet backs are gone...

At any rate, while I was happily lounging around our friends' beautiful home this past weekend (they designed it with the help of Phoebe Howard) I realized I didn't have a blog post lined up for today...quell horreur! After some persuading, my friend was sweet enough to let me take some quick i-Phone snaps of her breathtaking home.  I love every inch of this house, and only regret not sneaking into my friend's closet, because it is just beyond! Well, at least I snapped that chic silver wishbone;)

Monday's P.O.P.

pavilion purple

Image via: Veranda


Random Chanel Item No. 168

Some weekends are all about plans and running around like crazy...but the key to this weekend's success will be trying to relax and do absolutely nothing. at. all.  I can't wait!

Minor Obsessions

It's officially spring! This time of year always makes me want to spruce up our outdoor spaces as soon as possible, so that we can fully enjoy every second of warm weather once it actually, finally gets here.  I think a new door mat, some spiffy bright planters and possibly even a new door knocker are in my home's immediate future.  Even the entry inside could use a good spring clean...


Off The Beaten Path

The other day, I took a brief cyber jaunt outside of my usual internet stops, and landed here at this charming abode, fittingly entitled "A House In The Woods."  Sometimes it pays to explore outside your comfort zone and be re-inspired by interiors (or art, fashion or food, etc.) that are not your typical norm.  Obviously, that's one reason why travel can always be so invigorating...


Wednesday Wants

A trend that's been going strong since last fall (and shows no signs of stopping this spring)..."I.D." bracelets. Spotted on some of the chicest wrists in New York, I love how these fun baubles come in so many different shapes, sizes and price ranges.  Here are just a few of the ones I've been stalking lately...


It's All In The Details (part 1 of 4)

When Target contacted me about shopping and writing about it's new home line, Threshold, I was happy to participate.  I already frequent Target, for a variety of products, including home decor.  I love to score quality items at a great price. Having a mix in your home of both high and low purchases is really where it's at.

I wanted to give my son's bathroom a quick and inexpensive update.  Inspired by the seaside, I thought the beach would make a great theme for a boy of any age.  When I spotted these fun green and blue global hand towels, I knew they would work perfectly by adding the dash of color this neutral room needed.  I added another solid hand towel in "trout stream" underneath, to give it a little bit more oomph.

I also got this great looking soap dispenser. At only $9.99, I couldn't resist replacing the Sponge Bob Square Pants plastic bottle of hand soap, that was previously there.  Finally, I grabbed this cute little tumbler, just to complete the whole look.  I really like how these small purchases (only about $31.00) added up to such a stylish upgrade for my son's bathroom vanity.

This post is brought to you by Target. Expect More Pay Less.


Formal Meets Fun
We've all heard the design mandate, "form follows function" but what about "formal can be fun"?  Not something that you run across everyday, but this chic pool house in the Hamptons designed by Alessandra Branca (a "pool house" by its very nature, suggests at least some type of a good time) seems to have both the fun and the formal thing down...and quite stylishly too I might add. 

Monday's P.O.P.
pretty purple porcelain

Image via: Carolyne Roehm


Random Chanel Item No. 167

Have a magically delicious weekend!

Minor Obsessions

Even though I'm not Irish, I always like to get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day by wearing something green.  Some years this is more of a challenge for me than others, but this year, the challenge will most likely be which green items to wear.  Between the fashionably fatigued outfits and the emerald green color of the year pieces all looking so chic, I find myself reaching for some shade of green most days now, whether it be accessories or clothing ...especially as spring approaches.  How about you? 


Obsession Du Jour: Brent Darby Photography
It's been a while since I've been so completely transfixed by one site. Take a peek at some of my favorite images from Brent Darby Photography.  Crisp, compelling vignettes and loads of natural light... these photos really stand out. I'm officially obsessed with this New Zealand born, UK based talent


Wednesday Wants

For the past several seasons, I've had my deep, dark denim in heavy rotation.  While I still plan to wear this universally flattering style...this spring, I'm looking to lighten things up and get back to some basic denim looks. The three pairs above really appeal to me for the simple lines and versatility. AG Adriano Goldschmied is usually my go-to brand, but these Citizens seem like the perfect straight leg (i.e., not too skinny, not too flared.) Suddenly, true blue jeans, seem completely fresh again, but just to be sure, I checked on the queen of Paris fashion, Paris Vogue editor-in-chief, Emmanuelle Alt...


Al Fresco
Stumbling across this airy lake house from last summer's At Home In Arkansas, reminded me how much I miss the simple pleasure of dining outdoors. After a freezing, dark winter, those first few sunny meals outside are always the best. Something about the neutral white palette of this home with it's mini pops of green scattered about, really reminds me of early spring.  At any rate, this lovely porch captured my attention and maybe a bit of my imagination. Here are some other highlights from this chic retreat...


Revisiting Jute Design
Most days, I like to think of myself as a fairly organized blogger. I keep an "editorial calendar" to help keep my posts and ideas close at hand (this sounds a lot fancier than it is, really it's just a plain old calendar that helps me map out the month ahead).  Between Monday's P.O.P.s, Wednesday Wants and Random Chanel Items on Fridays, it's obvious to anyone that I prefer structure and routine.  And, then, just to be safe, I keep a notebook by my computer and jot down ideas as they come to me for future posts...often quite cryptically, like "revisit Jute!"  Since my memory is not what it used to be, (I blame my three kids for this) it took me a few google searches to realize that I was reminding myself to go back and check out the work of Jute Design (that I wrote about last year).  And, so now that I have, I see why...

Monday's P.O.P.
purplelish perch

Image via: ElleDecor


Random Chanel Item No. 166
It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain

{really, I just want it to stop snowing already}

Minor Obsessions

A more fitting title for this post would be "roller-derby", as it seems that's where my head's at today. It all started last year when some very generous friends gave me one of my favorite perfumes and also included a sweet, travel roller ball version of the scent as well.  This clever little idea proved to be the gateway drug of roller ball perfumes for me and it wasn't long before I acquired both the Gardenia and Musk roller balls of these scents as well. Now that spring is almost upon us, I'm looking to change up my perfume collection once more by experimenting with some fresh new fragrances.  The lovely botanicals on these sweet bottles by Nest, have me yearning to try all three, and I've heard good things about Stella and Diptyque's Philosykos as well.  I like the non-committal, affordable feeling of these little bottles, not to mention the traveling options and ease of application. It's no surprise to me that more and more companies are now offering this popular option. What, if any, new scents have you tried via rollerball?


New Faves

We're adding new things almost every week at  Here's a small sample of some of my newest sure to stop by to see the rest.

If Your Lipstick Could Talk

Last week, at a friend's birthday dinner, a bunch of us started talking about the shape our favorite lipsticks take after using it for awhile.  It all started after I pulled out my beloved YSL lip balm, (mostly to ease my chapped lips, but maybe also to show it off a bit...I'm pretty obsessed with it).  At some point, another friend remarked that her lipstick took on the same odd shape as mine, and then we were trying to remember what exactly that "meant." In the name of a fun (and in our case, overdue) girl's night out, I promised to post the shapes and the meanings if I found them.  So, which one are YOU?


Cozamia Artwork Winners!
Congrats to both winners...comment number 77 and comment number 319, according to, you both are the lucky winners of the Cozamia Art giveaway!  You will be contacted shortly via email.  Special thanks to artist, Nancy Ramirez for the awesome giveaway!

Wednesday Wants
 polish + oil

This sounds crazy, but I have not one, but two spa gift certificates currently languishing away under dust in my drawer.  There once was a time in my life where facials and the occasional massage would happen several times a year (maybe even every other month) but lately (and by lately I mean the last few years) it's been harder and harder to carve out a chunk of time like that for myself. I'm sliding down a slippery slope here.  With my winter hibernation almost over, I think it's time I took a little better care of myself again.  It's not so much the end result of the clean pores or pretty nails that I'm after (although that doesn't hurt) but rather it's that revived and recharged feeling that I'm looking for.  I almost always come back home from a day of self pampering as a better version of myself, be it my "mom" skills or my still somewhat new "social media" and "small business" jobs, I need a re-boot after this winter.  A lot of people must be feeling the same way, because I just called the spa to finally use these lovely gifts (thankfully they have not expired yet, phew!) the time I need is booked for the next two weeks! So until then, this tired lady is going to get a spiffy spring pedicure and maybe invest in some of this aromatherapy oil, that a friend of mine swears by.  What, if anything, do you do to re-charge?


Southern Whimsy
This stunning home in SoHo, New York, completely stole my heart.  Equally charming is the back story, behind the couple that owns it (both Virginia transplants~he's an accomplished artist, she's a vice president in creative at Vera Wang) Keeping it all in the family, the loft was designed by the owner's sister, Courtney Daniels Haden and was just featured in this month's Elle Decor.  I love the whole uptown meets downtown vibe...


Style Stalking: Nightingale Design
Another stylish find from my neck of the woods...Nightingale Designs proved to be a great stalk!  Located nearby, in the charming, coastal town of Rowayton, Connecticut. Julie Nightingale really captures all the beauty of nautical New England in her interiors and also manages to keep everything looking fresh and modern at the same time. These are just a few of my favorite images from the extensive Nightingale portfolio, all captured by the talented Jane Beiles of Jane Beiles Photography, enjoy!

Monday's P.O.P.

pouffie-plushie purple

Image via: NightingaleDesign


Random Chanel Item No. 165
Knock! Knock! Who's there? The step on in!

Minor Obsessions

It's March! The end of winter is literally in sight...which means this week I'm obsessed with what to pack for our spring break.  One of the reasons I love  Cool Change cover ups so much is that they transition perfectly from beach to impromptu early dinner (possibly at Dune Dog). A pair of optic white jeans thrown in my beach bag, along with a few pieces of fun fashion jewelry tucked into this versatile little pouch and I feel more put together than thrown together.  Of course copious amounts of sunscreen products and chic shades are a must, because when I'm not hiding out under an umbrella with my iPad, I'm taking long beach walks with my kids, looking for shells, sea glass and any other treasures we might discover...cute flip flops are optional. Can you tell how much I'm looking forward to some serious sunshine?
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