Statement Spaces

Loved seeing these shots of the stunning NYC apartment that Daun Curry of Modern Declaration, designed for the owners of Moroccanoil (a favorite hair product) in the magazine section of The New York Observer.  That built-in library/window seat component is everything...


Sweet Child O' Mine

This is my younger daughter's bedroom.  It's hard to believe, but today my daughter, my middle child will be turning eleven.  You may remember that when my oldest turned eleven, we gave her bedroom a whole new was even featured in a national magazine!  A hard act to follow and now the time is here.  Even though my daughter and I have been all over pinterest for months looking for some inspiration for her room, we really can't find anything that we both agree on.  When I re-did my older daughter's room, finding that initial inspiration was key.  The room practically designed itself after we had the visual we needed.  This time around, it's more of a challenge.  The room is smaller with windows on one side and closets taking up another wall. So far, all we know for sure is that we'll be keeping the color scheme of lavender and green. Here are a few more thoughts on possible purchases and another perspective of the room. Do you have a girl's room pinterest board we should follow? Any feedback at all is more than welcome!

Monday's P.O.P.

penthouse purple

Image via: Miles Redd


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013


Just in time to order for Mother's Day, a round up of our top ten favorite gift ideas.  We've got
lots of other great options in stock and ready to ship! Check them all out here!


Random Chanel Item No. 173

Cheers to sparkling sunny days this weekend!

Minor Obsessions

The sun is finally shining here in New York and the temps are slowly but surely climbing. Everyone seems in a better mood, including yours truly.  I can't help but to start getting excited for summer in camp, team sports on hiatus, no more driving every day (for hours) every where...which means more time for ME and the things I love to do.  Granted, most of my favorite 'activities' require some sort of lounging and this sweet ombre cover up will be just the thing poolside ~ where I hope to start reading The Burgess Boys (if you loved Olive Kitteridge , like I did, I heard it's a winner).   Lounging with stacks of magazines and books in hand, but always, always in the shade...that's why I love Jergens Natural Glow. A friend of mine got me into this a few summers ago, and now I've heard it's been improved, it's odor free now. This has me excited to try this fake bake tanning lotion again. I'm also excited to see Before Midnight...I just can't get enough of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy! Here's hoping we get to check in on this fictional love story every few years...forever.  Finally, with Mother's Day just around the corner, I always like to sprinkle a few little gift hints into the blog...hint, hint (it's worked in the past...fingers crossed!).


Marianne's Environments

Today I'm sharing some of the beautiful work of Marianne Simon Design.  Not only do I love that Marianne refers to her projects as environments, but I really admire the fresh, clean approach to all her designs and interiors.  I've been a fan and follower of Marianne Simon, from the get-go...pop over and see for yourself.


Wednesday Wants

Last Friday, I played hookie and took off for New York City.  Whenever I get into the city, I always love to soak up all the energy by walking around as much as possible and taking in all the street style. Seeing the chic women of New York always inspires me. I particularly noticed all the lovely ways women were sporting silk scarves.  Armed with this new sartorial motivation, once I got back home I took out the few silk scarves I own and decided that I needed to amp up the color in my own collection. As luck would have it, is holding a Friends and Family 25% event, where I spied some really lovely options.  Between the New York Times highlighting silk scarves this past Sunday in the style section (see photo above) my own observations last week and this sale, I figured it was a sign and went ahead and purchased this one. What fun street styles are inspiring you lately?


Color Pop

When it comes to choosing paint colors, wallpaper and rugs, I always prefer to stay in "neutral" territory.  Although I do like to (almost) always see some color in a room, I prefer to add it with pops. Whether it be through art, accessorized accents, coded bookcase styling or even a brightly painted door, adding some fun color to a space infuses it with personality.  I was recently reminded of this design truism, gazing at the lovely work of Cynthia Brooks Design.  I especially love the book case styling here, something I'm always puttering around with in my own home.


Inside The Stylist's Closet

I love to discover beautiful and interesting new blogs, almost as much as I love to cyber stalk incredibly organized and chic fashion closets.  So you can imagine the size of my smile when I stumbled across A Mere Life, written by professional stylist and all around creative lifestyle guru, Meredith McBride Kipp.  This is a glimpse of the spacious closet that Meredith built and styled for herself in her home in New Jersey. Although I've never so much as even emailed Meredith, I feel like we are kindred spirits from just glancing at the contents of her amazing closest (funny how that is about style)...I mean, she has the exact same gold wishbone from my shop (currently on back order, but check out the silver one!) a very similar horn pendant necklace and a somewhat similar small tray.  Be sure to check out the rest of Meredith's closet here,  it's worth it for the jewelry and accessory storage inspiration alone!

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pleasantries

Image via: HouseandHome


Homeowners Insurance Coverage Guide

*Guide to holiday house contents insurance cover

If you are one of the estimated quarter of a million people who own a holiday home in the UK, or are considering making that investment, you may need to re-think your current approach to contents insurance.

Why Contents?

Your immediate concern when thinking of insurance for your second property may understandably be for the building itself – by its nature the prolonged periods when the home will be empty or unused may make you feel uneasy about conventional threats like flood or fire. Even if you don't keep the bulk of your more valuable possessions in your holiday home, you may be mistaken for overlooking contents cover as a valuable way to ensure peace of mind while away from your investment. For example, any current policy that you have for your main home may not include objects that are stored in a remote location, those that will be used by other visitors and guests, whether paying rent or as invited personally by you. If your second home will be empty for more than 30 consecutive days in any given year, almost all standard policies will be invalidated due to the increased possibility of burglary, so to set your mind at rest take a look at your house contents insurance and be sure to specify that the property in question is used for holiday purposes.

How much cover?

In much the same way as when insuring contents in your main residence, you will need to make an inventory of all your personal 'movable' possessions in the property - this basically means everything that you would take with you if you decided to sell up. If you have owned an object for a few years, be sure to look up its current value as opposed to the price that you originally paid for it, as this is what you would need to be reimbursed in the event of a claim in order to purchase a replacement. Any portable valuables like jewellery, laptops etc that you are intending to transport between homes should ideally be upgraded to an 'all-risks' category in your main policy, so that they will be covered at either location.

Useful tips

While you may be entering in to the world of holiday letting with the best possible intentions, it is prudent to consider that guests in your home (whether they are paying strangers or family and friends) will inevitably be less cautious with the belongings there than you would be yourself. Accidents can and will happen in the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday break, so the wisest approach is to expect breakages and spillages and protect yourself against them. Pay particular attention to the small print of your policy to ensure that details like having incorrect locks on yours doors and windows don't catch you out, and investigate whether damage caused by pets is included. Shop around for home insurance quotes to ensure that you get the best deal, and remember to ask whether or not you can make a saving by combining coverage with the provider of your main policy.

*Sponsored Post

Random Chanel Item No. 172

You know what they say about those April's hoping! Honestly, I would even settle for just some more leaves on the trees by now...c'mon Spring!  Have a great one!

Minor Obsessions


In addition to editing my closet this spring, I'm also working on cleaning up the hoarder situation that is my bathroom vanity.  Over the years I've amassed a crazy collection of eye creams, serums, moisturizers, you get the picture. All this nonsense is about to end, especially since I don't even apply half this stuff. Much like my closet, I need to pare down to the best of the best and the stuff I really love.  I promised myself that all my must-haves will need to fit on this clean little tray that I just picked up at West Elm.  I like to see what I have and I'm more likely to use it this way.  I already know that my brow powder and cleanser are two favorites, but seeing these both included in Net-a-Porter's new "quintessential edit" of beauty products didn't hurt (what can I say, I like validation).  I also just recently started using luminous dewy skin mist, right out of the shower.  I mean, how can you even resist something called that?  Another recent purchase is this Lancome makeup...for years I've used only tinted moisturizer and concealer, but lately I've been feeling the need to up my game (or meet with some lasers) so for now the makeup wins, thankfully it's extremely light.  Finally, when I'm really feeling ambitious, I use GlamGlow's not an everyday thing, so it doesn't make the "tray cut", but I'm not giving this one up either, back into the drawer it goes...apparently this edit thing is harder than I thought.


Lovely + Liveable

I'm all about beautiful homes that look like you can actually live in them.  That's probably why I'm so drawn to the spaces that Christine Markatos designs.  For me, the same feeling holds true for fashion. While an over the top editorial with sky high stilettos and ball gowns might be breath taking, it's the features with clothing and accessories that I can actually relate to, that will always draw me in. I enjoy my escapism as much as the next person, as long as I can still some how, sort of see myself in the picture...Are you the same way?


Wednesday Wants

                                         Joie jacket                                      Rag and Bone jacket

I've been waiting and wanting and waiting some more to purchase a new spring is finally the day.  The Shopbop Family and Friends sale is on! Somehow, I always miss out on these events...but not today. The only question is which jacket to get. I've narrowed it down to a few. Positively loving these army jackets, (kind of leaning towards the Joie version).  But I also found a great selection of light weight leather jackets that all calling my name.  At twenty percent off everything plus free shipping, this floaty little Rebecca Taylor top, just might make its way into my cart as well. If you're heading over to Shopbop today don't forget to enter WEAREFAMILY13 at check out. 
                         leather sleeves                       leather blazer                             unexpected color


Timeless Townhouse Tour

As soon as I spotted this stunning New York City townhouse in Steven Gambrel's portfolio, the word that came  immediately to mind was "perfection"... (right after I picked my jaw up off the floor).  Have a look around and see if you agree...So many design trends, and yet it all seems so fresh.


Peeking Into Designer's Homes
It's Monday, it's tax day and I've got my third major cold of 2013, even though we are only four months into the year... As annoyed as I am today, when I came across the Los Angeles home of designer/architect Daniel Romoualdez in Architectural Digest , it still managed to bring a smile to my face.  From the fabulous art collection to the sublime mix of design and texture, it's all so incredibly inspiring ~ here are a few of my stand out favorites...

Monday's P.O.P.
premiere purple

Image via: Lonny


Sponsored Post: Dyno's Drain Clearing Tips From the Pros
This post is written and brought to you by

Drain blockages and plumbing problems are unfortunately a fact of life and unavoidable in any home, however big or small. However the odd blocked toilet isn’t the end of the world and with a few tips from the professionals, plumbing needn’t be a common problem.

Experienced companies such as Dyno-Rod know exactly what causes these issues and how to avoid them but some of the techniques and tips are easy to learn and actually don’t take much expertise at all. Of course if you have a serious problem then leave it to them, but many blockages can be solved with your own fair hands.
Here are some drain clearing tips from the professionals to keep your plumbing in perfect working order.

Always try using the tried and tested methods first before doing anything else. Dust off the plunger and get to work as often this is all your toilet or sink needs to get it back to normal. Buy soda crystals from your local supermarket and keep them in your cupboard – you never know when you’ll need it and there a great help when you’re plunging away. Never use chemicals to clear the blockage.
Pour a brine solution or just very strong salty water down your sinks to combat odors. This is perfect for your kitchen sink as it stops the grease from your plates when you’re washing up clinging to the sides of the pipes. It’s a good preventative, meaning you’ll have to do less plunging in the future and will hopefully never have the need to call out an expert (saving you a bit of cash in the process!)
Don’t underestimate the power of household ingredients. Some vinegar and a bit of baking soda can be the best drain cleaner you’ll find. Pour half a cup of baking soda down your drains, then the same amount of vinegar and then follow it with some boiling water and you’ll find most drains clear in a matter of hours without doing any damage to your pipes.
Get yourself a mechanical snake. Purchasing one of these inexpensive plumbing tools can save you a lot of money in the long run and help you sort out those hard to reach blockages. Just thread the snake down your waste pipe and once the blockage is clear, wash hot water through  your pipes to keep them clear of debris and ward of any future plumbing problems.
first image of my own master bathroom via: Muse Interiors 
second and third images via: New England Home Magazine

Random Chanel Item No. 171
Our kids have so many plans this weekend, between driving everyone here and there, I'm hoping to squeeze in a little grown up down time. I guess we'll just roll the dice and see where the chips land!
Have a great one!

Minor Obsessions

We had a temperature spike here in the North East with a few days of late spring, early summer weather and it felt great!  This prompted a quick survey of my summer shoe situation and I realized I'm completely lacking in the sandal category (other than a myriad of flip flops) I really need to up my game with a more polished look and these part neutral, part gold Ancient Greek slingbacks seem like just the thing.  Spring like temps call for weekend excursions...we recently took our three kids to see the MoMA, (so inspiring!) after gazing at some of my all time favorite artists I'm more than motivated to get something beautiful on to the walls in Florida, I think I've posted this Paule Marrot clouds print before, it needs to be mine already. If I'm not running around with the kids, I'm busy adding new stuff to, our latest addition includes these chic, gold and turquoise rings which are perfect for summer and for stacking!  There's nothing like a sudden warm front after months of dreary weather to help motivate me to get the outdoor spaces zhushed...a fresh batch of crisp, striped outdoor pillows from Pottery Barn are high on my to get list.  Finally, my favorite warm weather scent is in need of a you switch out your perfumes seasonally too?


My Friend Jen's Kitchen
Today, I'm really excited to share my good friend Jen's beautiful kitchen! Not only is this stunning, modern, rustic space in this month's issue of Better Homes and Garden's Kitchen + Bath Ideas, but it's the cover story.  It's weird to think I've known Jennifer and her family for over a decade now, it seems like just last year that we both moved into our houses around the corner from each other, with our small (and then only) babies. Jen's a fabulous cook and host with great style, she enlisted the help of professional kitchen designer, Rebecca Reynolds of New Canaan kitchens.  Knowing this lovely family as I do, I can honestly say that I see their style and taste shining through in this fresh, new design. I'm basically obsessed with the wood ceiling, the upholstered banquet, that super cool butler's pantry, and don't even get me started on that metal riveted stove hood. These are just a few of my favorite shots (photographed by Michael Partenio) it's worth checking out the magazine for the full can also download a copy. Congrats again on your gorgeous kitchen Jen!


Wednesday Wants

If you're even half as obsessed with Emmanuelle Alt's chic fashion sense as I am, than I know you are going to love today's find.  Gap, has such a great (and budget friendly) version of the effortlessly cool chambray shirt that Ms. Alt is often seen wearing around Paris.  I just adore this lady's stylishly put together yet casual looks and I'll be scooping up this top for if only I could master the art of that blasé half tucked in look...(le sigh).


It's All in the Details (Part 4 of 4)
This is the last installment of a series of posts about Target's new products in its Threshold home collection.  A quirky little item, Threshold's metal Glacier frame in warm gold, quickly caught my eye with its unexpected design.  The warmth of the frame's color lent itself perfectly to my daughter's room, specifically, her nightstand.  The brass tones of the frame helped to give the room, which was predominated by silver and chrome metal tones, more of a mixed and collected feel. Instead of using an actual photo in this frame, my daughter created some original digital artwork.  Using art instead of photos, can be a fun way to bring an extra bit of color into any room.
This post is brought to you by Target. Expect More Pay Less.


More Updates From Florida
I finally had a chance to sort through the rest of the photos from our recent trip to Florida. Even though I'm still waiting on our new navy curtains for the living room (I get so impatient with crazy long lead times!) a lot of progress was actually made. It was great to finally add some decor accents and accessories (mostly from my store) and really start zhushing up the place.  A bold blue mirror and a fun little bar cart, both originally intended for the dining room, ended up working perfectly in a weird little nook right off the kitchen. I love the way they both fit into this odd space, making the whole area look almost intentional.  The Martinque wallpaper in the guest bath looks amazing. I tried to capture it here, but without any natural light and given the tiny dimensions of this powder room (that we retro fitted into a full bath) it wasn't such an easy task. The bathroom is very tight and small, yet it has crazy high ceilings, so the banana leaf paper takes on a rain forest canopy feel...I think it really works.

Monday's P.O.P.
posh purple pad

Image via: Coastal Living


Random Chanel Item No. 170

I'm cutting out early today...I've got to get my hair zhushed:) Big weekend in the big apple for the whole family! Have a great one!

Minor Obsessions

I feel like I'm finally coming out of my winter funk.  The days are longer and our calendar is starting to fill up with some fun social events.  For the past few months, I've been on a self-imposed shopping hiatus, but all that's about to change this weekend.  Of course, I'm not including my own site in my shopping freeze, I tend to delve into, almost weekly ~ these new to the site sparklers being my latest obsession.  As for warm weather dressing,  I've found some pieces that have got me fired up for shopping (and more importantly, trying on...ugh).  Over a year ago, I bought two of the same tops by DVF in different colors (the cut was perfect and I knew I'd wear them everywhere) and sure enough they fast became my go to favorites. Now, I'm hoping to score again with these updated but equally flattering tops.  Perusing my own closet for basics that have stood the test of time, inspired me to try a classic Essie shade that was close to my own manicure "wheel-house" of Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle. I'm pleased to say that Sheer Bliss will be my pink of choice these days.  I shy away from busy prints and brights on clothes, but I love to incorporate them into my overall look with accessories, like this fab (and very affordable scarf) and this chic leather pouch.  Can you ever really have enough black strappy sandals? These are great for that tricky mid-dressing zone, you know, somewhere between dressed to the nines and everyday casual. Stripes are still going strong and this subtle pinstripe on these capri pants seem like just the right thing to elevate a basic black top to a full on outfit.  Now all that's missing is the warm temps...


Book Review: French Accents
The other day I received this stunning book, French Accents: At Home With Parisian Objects and Details, to review here.  Based on the alluring cover and title, I immediately cracked this beauty open and it did not disappoint.  Each and every page contains amazing photography of some of the loveliest interiors I've seen in a while. French Accents, also has loads of practical decorating advice, like where and how to place your art and an informative history of French interior design.  All in, I loved this book, mainly for the inspiring imagery and Parisian decor eye candy. I know I'll be turning to French Accents, again and again.  Here's a small peek at some of my favorites...


Wednesday Wants

I feel like my house is being taken over by toys. Actually, not just any toys, but specifically Lego's. Lego Star Wars, Lego Chima, Lego Ninjago, the list (like the pile in my family room) just does not end. Don't get me wrong, I love this fact, we all just recently made the pilgrimage to Lego mecca, otherwise known as Lego Land in Orlando, Florida. It was actually a great experience, really clean and very age appropriate.  That being said, my son's Lego's are literally everywhere...if you've ever felt the pain of stepping on a small pronged piece of plastic in bare feet...or better yet sitting on a tiny storm trooper complete with pointy light saber, then you know what I'm talking about. That's why I'm so excited about these storage bins! Not only are they adorable and practical, but they are actually Lego's, which means there's hope that my kids will actually use them.  And, just to sweeten this find a bit more, I'm loving the styled birthday party shots shown along with this product.  With my son's 7th Birthday coming up next month, these images are giving me a lot of great ideas. I always need all the inspiration I can get in that department...


It's All In The Details (part 3 of 4)
After the success of last week's post, (where I added a big bright bunch of Forsythia branches along with a vase from Target's Threshold collection to our front entry) I decided to bring some more spring flowers into our home. I instantly fell for the clean lines and design of these Threshold Stoneware Pitchers at Target, and knew they would make a great addition to my collection of white stoneware. These pitchers worked beautifully in my dining room, and along with some fresh tulips, made a lovely spring vignette.  Once the flowers started to wilt, I decided to move the pitchers into the master bath, where they sit now.  I'd been looking to add to an existing collection in this room, and I think these two pieces fit the space perfectly.  Since I tend to move things around a lot, I love to find home decor accents that work in a variety of different ways and settings, just like these pitchers do.

This post is brought to you by Target. Expect More Pay Less.


Style Stalking: Suzanne McGrath Design
This month, I've found another local talent from my neck of the woods to stalk, Suzanne McGrath Design.  In addition to running her own firm, this former Martha Stewart Living Television producer, pens a fabulous blog, Good Bones, Great Pieces, along with her daughter Lauren. The multi-tasking, stylish mother/daughter team, have also written a clever book with the same name.  I love the fresh feel of all of these interiors, reminds me so much of Spring. Happy April!

Monday's P.O.P.

pretty pastel pops

Image via:
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