The 11th Hour

Tomorrow, July 1, 2013, Google shuts the lights on Google Reader forever.  When I first started this blog in 2009, Google Reader was what I used to keep up with all my favorite blogs.  However, a few years ago I switched over to Bloglovin' and never looked back.  I've been meaning to do a post about this forever, but true to form, I'm here at the eleventh hour...anyway, if you're a procrastinator just like me, you have until the end of the day to move your feeds over from Google Reader.  USA Today, does a much better job of explaining how than I could ever hope to and also breaks down the benefits of some additional newer alternatives, like Feedly, (which I'm hearing great things about). How do you keep up/subscribe to blogs? I'd love to hear about it in the comments as there are so many different ways to do so, these days!


Minor Obsessions


Here's what I've been obsessing over lately...first and foremost, we just got a ton of great looking new jewelry up on the site, these earrings and this bracelet are so preppy/nautical/perfect for summer, I'm sporting them both right now. Be sure to head over to and see what else is new (and don't forget to enter the giveaway).

For frizzy/curly hair girls like me, the heat and humidity here in New York this week is no joke.  I literally discovered Living Proof products in the nick of sticky weather time, this leave in conditioner  really does what it says it will and helps keep the frizz factor down, way down, making it my new fave.  Speaking of faves, just got a new lip gloss that I'm absolutely loving.  Brilliant Gloss in Charm by Chantecaille ... it's the perfect summery pinky/beige/nude that I've been searching for (and it's available over on Net-a-Porter, who knew)?!

Finally, I've been a fan of Inslee Haynes Fashion Illustration for quite some time, so I'm super excited to see her fashionable notecards over at Shopbop! With two fashion loving daughters off at camp for the next couple of weeks, I can't wait to surprise them with some very special snail mail! That was an awful lot of exclamation points for one small post, what's got you throwing excessive punctuation around this week???

6/27/13 giveaway!

As promised last week on Instagram, we're doing a giveaway here today!  The last giveaway we did was quite some time ago and focused on the "pretty you" aspect of the shop, so today, it's all about the "pretty home" part of  We're giving away, to one lucky winner three of our top selling home accents (and some of my faves): One gold urchin, one amethyst cluster and one gold antique decorative book.


New Arrivals At

So many new and cool things have just gone up on the site! I'm so excited about each and every one of them, and most of all, so excited that we finally having a gift certificate option! Every week we've been adding things over at, (like these fun monogram shades!) above are just a few of my current faves.  As I hinted on instagram, tomorrow we'll be doing a chic little giveaway here, so be sure to check back.  Also, click in on often, as we'll be adding to the mix all summer long! P.S.~ Speaking of adding, I just recently had a Pinterest overlay added here on the blog...if you hover over an image, you should be easily able to pin it now! What can I say, it's the little details that always make me the happiest!

Wednesday Wants

Today I'm sharing a great packing tip, just in time for any fun summer trips you might be taking.  A friend of mine tipped me off to these clips, and now I do just like she does and keep them stashed in my luggage all the time, so that they're always with me when I travel. I no longer need to worry that I didn't bring the right bra to go with every summer tank top and sleeveless dress I these clever clips can turn any regular bra into a racer back one. We haven't firmed up any real plans yet, but I'm hoping to get away on at least one spontaneous weekend trip this summer.  Now that my clips are packed and ready to go, I'm contemplating these chic summery purchases (all well under $150.00!) to accompany them below...


Artfully Curated

With three children in camp, as of today (hurray!) I now have the much needed extra time to focus on some projects around the house and otherwise. First on my list...clearing out the clutter. I've already started by paring down my enormous magazine collection.  It's always easier to let these go when I know I've got my favorites saved right here on the blog. Which brings me to today's post...having Madeline Weinrib's beautiful beach home right where I can easily find it, makes getting rid of last summer's Hamptons Cottages and Gardens so much less painful. Now on to the other 914 back issues weighing down my desk drawers, not to mention all the other things that I can't seem to easily find...


Classic Charm

It's been a blur of a weekend with endless activity.  Instead of feeling rested, I'm a bit frazzled and ill prepared for Monday...but these unabashedly feminine rooms by Ruthie Chapman Sommers Interior Design, featured in Veranda Magazine are helping to soothe my weary mood.  There's something so fundamentally reassuring and uplifting in traditionally pretty spaces like these.

Monday's P.O.P.

prettiest purple pad

Image via: Veranda Magazine


Minor Obsessions

Today's the first day of summer! For someone like me, who LOVES summer, who basically lives for summer, this fact alone should make me very happy...but instead, for some weird reason, I'm feeling anxious. Like it's already all going too fast...which is crazy I know! But, instead of just going with the flow this year, all winter long I've been creating a huge "summer bucket list" for lack of a better term, for all the things I want to do and enjoy, and now that summer is finally here, I'm feeling like there just isn't enough time, and summer has only just started today!

Here's just a small sampling of all the things I want to do this summer: I want to focus more on exercise (and clearly I need these!)  I want to catch up on all my reading, and finish the books I've already started (like this one!) take at least one weekend trip with Mr. Zhush, (it's not just an excuse to buy a new bag, it's not!) catch up with my friends over margaritas, (the best recipe is here) indulge in some "me" time (Sunday Funday is calling my name) enjoy some date nights with the hubs (preferably wearing my new favorite top)...the list goes on and on, this is just the tip of the summer list iceberg.  Do you do this too? Please tell me you do!


Blogging From My Back Porch

The other day, the rain let up just enough for me to get some quick shots of our back porch.  As you can see, it's very traditional, with a nod to it's practically in New England setting. I love this spot so much, even though I don't get to use it as often as I would like.  Last summer, I had several planters with flowers and herbs scattered everywhere, but this year I'm really liking the minimal look, with just a few pots.

For our vacation home, I want to go with a more modern vibe.  I'm really into the look of this whole set, and, I can't get these stylish seats out of my mind as well.  But right now, I'm laser focused on getting all three kids off to camp next week...after which, I plan on spending a lot more time right here...


Wednesday Wants

Coming home after a week away is always a drag.  The worst part is the giant pile of mail, mostly junk and always bills. However, this week's postal onslaught was made a whole lot sweeter by the arrival of this fabulous white cotton Henley from the thoughtful folks over at Stateside. I'm always a bit leery of accepting gifts as a blogger...but when the Stateside company mentioned that it was founded by Moises Emquies, the very same person that started up two of my all time favorite casual clothing lines: Ella Moss and Splendid...I knew immediately that I would love whatever they sent.  This simple white tee did not disappoint, it's ultra soft and little details like the deconstructed cut on the sleeves and the shirttail hem (my favorite, as it's so flattering) make it feel a a bit more special than your average white tee.  I've already worn this top once, and I'm looking forward to wearing it again soon, exactly the way I've shown here. No doubt this will be my go-to summer casual outfit!


Outside Living Spaces

I've been hunting around for inspiration for our back patio area in Florida.  These images from Better Homes and Gardens, are a great starting point.  Our home in New York has a traditional style back porch, complete with's one of my favorite spaces in the whole house, even though we only get to use it a few months out of the year. I'll try to snap some pics of this space and post them here  this week.  For our Florida home, I want to do something entirely different than New York, and because it's a vacation house, the outdoor furniture needs to be very low maintenance. All I need is that one image to get started, it might be as simple as the furniture layout, or in this case, the idea of using drapes or matchstick blinds as an added way of shading out some of that hot, southern Florida sun.


Scenes From Our Vacation House

School's officially out for summer around here.  Last week, we thought we would keep our three kids busy and possibly tire them out a bit with some tropical sun and surf by taking a quick trip down to Florida.  Of course, my children have more energy than ever with all that fresh air. One cancelled flight odyssey back to New York, this past weekend, has left Mr. Zhush and I completely exhausted.  I did manage to take a few pictures of the progress on our home, although truthfully not much was done this trip.  While artwork and light fixtures still wait in boxes for installation, I'm happy that our new navy drapes with white Greek key trim (see below) were installed.  This all white, extra tall room really needed some color and I think these new window treatments really helped to define the style of this space.  Hopefully, the next time we head down, I'll have a lot more to show...I'm especially interested in tackling some of our outdoor spaces now, since that's really what a vacation home in Florida is all about.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple predicament

Image via: Fauxology


Minor Obsessions

Last weekend, I was able to sneak in a little rest and relaxation at the beach, and I'm hoping to repeat that same magic and escape to the sandy shores again tomorrow.  In fact, my beach bag is already packed with my easy read, (I'm only on page 10 of Revenge Wears Prada, but so far, not bad) some big stylish shades, a great sunscreen (obsessed with this stuff!) and some soft, bright towels. (Of course it helps if Mr. Zhush is willing to schlep a beach chair and an umbrella:)


So Chic In So Cal

Thanks to my trusty DVR, I'm finally all caught up on Mad Men.  The episode where Don goes to California was so sixties, hippie chic and completely reignited my left coast envy. Viewing the laid back stylish "Golden State" interiors of Schulyer Sampterton have sent this envy straight into overdrive.  My house, not to mention my life could use a big dose of laid-back-California-cool. I completely dig this whole vibe...(man).


Wednesday Wants

We've only had a handful of really hot days so far, but it's been enough of a reminder that my wardrobe is really not well equipped to handle the dog days of summer.  The problem, for me, is that I look ridiculous in shorts...long, short, they all make me feel awkward.  Most women I know opt for stylish summer dresses to get them through hot summer days in style, but I'm not really a dress (or skirt) person either.  However, when my trusty denim and white jeans just won't do, on those really humid days when even capri pants seem oppressive, I'll opt for a swingy summer dress...provided it meets all my personal requirements.  This navy blue number from Anthropologie manages to do just that and then some...not too short, check! bra friendly, check! swingy A-line but still some shape (no potato sacks please) check, check! ~ Not as easy a task as one might think, which is why I've just scooped this one for myself.  If your "dress code" looks anything like mine, you might appreciate this option and this one, too!  And if you do in fact look for similar qualities in a summer dress, what's been ticking off your checks lately?


Obsession Du Jour: SIMO Design

Obsession...probably one of the most over-used words in the blog world, second only to inspiration!  But, I can't help it...when I see rooms like these by California based SIMO design, that's exactly what comes to mind...


Paige's Pretty Place

I absolutely love it when customers instagram chic little vignettes of their purchases...LOVE! Even better, getting to see a full home tour. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I received these lovely images! How pretty is the Boston area home of up and coming interior designer, Paige Pettit? I sort of feel like I know Paige, even though we've never actually met.  An early customer of, Paige purchased her python tray from zhush...the very one styled so beautifully below. Since then, we've exchanged several emails through the years, and of course I love to follow Paige's beautiful style on instagram.  You should too (PaigePettit11), she's "one to watch!"

Monday's P.O.P.

perennially purple

Image via: Marcus Design


Minor Obsessions

Today is the last day of school for all three of my kids.  I can not tell you how happy this makes me.  I'm so over being the home work nag, the endless chauffeuring from sport to sport...and don't even get me started on major projects remembered in the very eleventh hour. This article in the Huffington Post really made me smile, it's so completely relatable!  Which brings me to today's post and how utterly grateful I am for online shopping!  For children, summer officially starts just as soon as school ends...and I'm now scrambling to get all three up to date on out grown swim suits, camp gear, pool toys , etc.  I've already bought this adorable embellished top and these floral shorts for my daughter and with several summer parties on the horizon, the thought of dragging all three along on a beautiful summer day to try on party clothes just doesn't seem right.  For the next few days I'll be happily crossing everyone's summer needs and a few wants, off my to do list...all right from home. Do you also shop this way for your family?


Vintage Charm

Distance wise, I only live about 45 miles outside of New York City, but sometimes I feel like a real "country mouse"...especially when I hear my city friends that still live in Manhattan talk about my area as a haven for really fabulous tag sales, thrift store finds and all sorts of amazing antiquing.  The truth is, just like I've never been to the top of the Empire State Building, despite having lived in New York City for many years, I've never gone to any tag sale or antiquing up here in our quaint little hamlet.  This week, I did manage to make it over to the New Canaan Thrift Shop (rumored to be one of the best sources around for great little vintage finds) however, I came out empty handed.  Inspired by Hillary Thomas, and her knack for styling beautiful vignettes using vintage pieces,  I'm now thinking this summer will be the perfect time to put my popping tag skills to the test.  Have any of you ever scored some really great finds this way?


Wednesday Wants

I was all set to indulge in some sort of personal fashion want for myself (again) today, when I realized that Father's Day is only twelve short days away!  I always like to pick out a nice gift for my kids to give my husband...and of course I have my own Dad and Father-in-law to shop for as well.  Is it just me, or are men a bit hard to shop for?  Here are some of my best ideas from gifts past (particularly partial to the father/son board shorts idea)...I'm hoping you'll share some of yours with me in the comments below...


In My Backyard
I thought I'd share some of our outdoor spaces and landscaping here today.  While there are many, many things about the interior of our house that I wish I could change...the outside of our home pretty much just makes me happy.  And, hey... it only took us about ten years of home ownership to sort this out.


Style Stalking: Traci Rhoads Interiors

When I stumbled across the design portfolio of Traci Rhoads Interiors, it was literally love at first sight.  The blue and white focus completely drew me in and then once I spied the all white traditional kitchens with modern upgrades, clean and simple bathrooms, not to mention the chic wallpaper choices...well, it was like finding a design soul mate.  Corny? Maybe. But, also kind of true!

Monday's P.O.P.

peaceful purple

Image via: HouseOfTurquoise


Giveaway Winner!

Happy Weekend everyone! The winner of the Mary Kay Andrews: Ladies Night, audio book is number 10, AnnieMac!  Annie, email your address to us and we will get this fun book out to you right away~Congrats!

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