Home Tour: Floridian Retreat

Friends of ours have recently updated and renovated their vacation home in Southern Florida, with the help of Patti Smith of P. Smith Design.  The new look is fresh, modern and fun and feels very much like the perfect mid-winter get away for this energetic couple and their five children (five!). 

Monday's P.O.P.

purple panache plus


Jewelry Box Essentials

I love jewelry.  Classic pieces and trendy items, hand made friendship bracelets and high end splurges...I literally love them all.  Beautiful to look at, some pieces can even be conversation starters, like great artwork. You can hand down jewelry from one generation to the next...seriously, what's better or more sentimental than a stunning timeless heirloom?  As you can see, I have a lot of thoughts and given a lot of thought as to what essential pieces everyone should own.  Aside from a great pair of "wear with anything" stud earrings, a classic watch and an every day necklace, there are a few more items that can really elevate your accessories wardrobe. Click over to my post at to read more about which accessories I think are absolute essentials.



Trend spotting is almost like a sport for me.  And, finding micro trends that cross over from fashion to decor are my absolute favorite!  Here are the three themes in design and fashion that are really catching my eye these days...are you seeing lips, geometrics and insects everywhere too?


Decor Details

It could be the brass nail head trim on a chair or the chic little ankle zippers on a pair of jeans, I appreciate and often seek out the little details in design.  These small moments always catch my eye, so I thought I'd share some of these lovely vignettes that I spotted over at Veranda, styled by one of my all time favorite designers, Miles Redd.  I love the looks he created here, mixing vintage finds with new items like this irresistible bright (and reasonably priced!) Chrysanthenum vase, it's all so good...


Wednesday Wants

When I first heard that "plaid!" is hot again, I had to in the North East, we tend to already have a lot of plaid in our closets. Between my husband's favorite ski weekend flannels to my daughters' school uniform kilts, we're already surrounded in plaid prints over here.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is the exact kind of trend I can get behind.  While you won't catch me in a crop top or overalls, the more subtle trends like plaid (or leopard for that matter) are far easier for someone a bit older like me to distill, someone that wants to look current and of the moment and yet still classic at the same time.  And, sure enough, once I started to look around, I found a lot of stylish plaid options out there... like these plaid Theory pants, (which I've literally just ordered) these cute smoking slippers from Joie, a fun plaid coat from Madewell and this really cute tunic.  And it seems, as these things often happen, that every store I look in has some really cute plaid pieces out now.  So, I can't resist...are you mad for plaid too?


Book Review: Beyond Chic

I was truly excited when the postman delivered this hot new design book to my door last week.  Beyond Chic: Great Fashion Designers at Home by Ivan Terestchenko is the latest release from Vendome Press. If you know me at all, then you know from the title of this alone, this is right up my ally!  So much so, that I did a little Google search to learn more about the author/photographer, and as luck would have it, Ivan Terestchenko has his own blog...I thought it fitting to add Ivan's own words about this lovely book: "Although it is about Interiors the book is not about decoration. I have tried to capture the spirit of the homes of these great fashion designers because first of all they are true artists and as such whatever they touch, they do it with all their heart and skill. Their homes are where they find inspiration, nourish their creativity, nurse their doubts. It is the less public face of their world, it speaks eloquently of who they are when alone."  

I loved this quote so much, as the same could be said about all our homes really, they are where we nourish our creative spirit and nurse our insecurities...of course we want to peek into the lives of others. This natural curiosity is such a basic human quality. Have a look and let me know what you think of Beyond Chic...


Seven Inspiring White Kitchens

white kitchen, white massive stove hood, dark floors
In a world of design, where trends come and go and even my own personal preferences change from year to year, I take comfort in the few things I consider to be my "style constants". I've written about my love for white kitchens before, and I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. That's probably why my friend wanted some final input and inspiration from me (hence this post) as she starts to renovate her home and builds what she hopes will be her dream kitchen.  Like me, she shares a love for white kitchens, the way they look so bright and light and clean, not to mention the fact that they can be a blank slate for style. White kitchens can be modern and stark, traditional and warm or also somewhere in between...(that's probably why realtors seem to love them the most as well).

Monday's P.O.P.



Buying Art Online

I shop for so many different things for my home online, that it only makes sense that I would shop for artwork this way as well.  It's so important to remember to take really careful measurements whenever and wherever you buy your art, but perhaps more so online, where the actual size of a piece might not be as apparent as it would be, if you were standing right in front of it.  Aside from that, I do love the convenience of having my latest art finds delivered right to my door.  Here are some of my favorite places to shop for art online:

1. Etsy- Poke around to get some amazing deals and maybe even discover a new "up and comer".

2. Ebay-Since there is a lot to cover here as well, try narrowing your search on the Ebay site to something more specific like "abstract prints on canvas".

3. Uncommon Goods- They have a great selection of wall art, which you can find here, a lot of very unique and artistic home decor finds, that you can see here and they also support a lot of local artists (out of New York) with this selection here.

4. Dwell Studio- A bit pricier than the other options, they do have some really choice pieces.

5. Another site with an endless amount of styles, there is something for almost everyone.
6. 1st Dibs-Probably the priciest of them all, but there are some sneaky deals to be found. It's also great for getting some inspiration and ideas before you hit up numbers 1-5. Good Luck! 

*This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions are my own. For more about sponsorship practices for this site, please check out the policies page.  


Minor Obsesssions: Drug Store Beauty

 soap | lotion | hairspray | eye makeup remover | silk pillowcase | mascara | vaseline | blemish lotion

I've meaning to write this post for a while now (mainly because I love it when other bloggers give out these tips...hopefully you do to!) Since I literally just restocked our medicine cabinets over here, I figured now is as good a time as any.  Here are my favorite drugstore beauty finds...

Over the years my dermatologist has recommended that I use Cetaphil soap (it's now the only soap I use, completely non-drying and so gentle) Cetaphil lotion (I buy this stuff in bulk) and Vaseline (completely cured my cracked heels and crazy chapped lips last winter) I love it when she gives me these great low cost suggestions, especially since they all work amazingly well.

I've been using Great Lash by Maybelline for so many years that I've lost count. They've made some improvements like this bigger brush, that I'm obsessed with and tweaked with the colors too...but I'm true to my blackest black and almost never, ever leave the house without it.

Another product that I've been using forever and ever are these Almay eyemakeup remover pads. Gentle and moisturizing and important if you wear mascara everyday like I do.

I'm not as loyal to my hairspray brand, I just like a little spritz here and there, lately I've been using this one, its not too sticky and the price is just right.

This pillowcase is a bit indulgent but I love it and I'm convinced it works.   Keeps those funky sheet marks away and my hair doesn't look so bed heady first thing in the morning.  Plus its very comfy:)

Finally, I think I get more blemishes now as an adult than I ever did as a teen.  Thank goodness I found this drying lotion. Not cute at night, but it does do the trick!

OK, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments what great drugstore beauty products you're loving these days.


Obsession Du Jour: Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry Farm
As a woman that runs my own small online business, there are some lady entrepreneurs out there that I really admire so the top of this list is Emerson Fry. I first learned about this talented designer back in 2009, the year I started writing this blog.  Back then, Emerson was mainly known for her lovely flower pins, which she sold on Etsy as Emerson Made.  I next remember falling in love with Emerson Farm, her charming country home, after seeing it featured on several top blogs.  Not long after, Emerson started expanding her accessories line to include beautiful clothes. I even own one of her lovely polka dot blouses from one of the earliest collections.  Watching Emerson grow her business as she follows her passion, has been nothing but inspiring.  I do regret not snatching up one of the amazing coats from the 2012 collection, both the army green jacket and the chic leopard print number sold out instantly.  As a result, I've been eagerly anticipating this year's crop of coats and clothes for Fall 2013, and they're finally here!  Are you coveting any of Emerson Fry's pieces for fall? I've got my eye on a few...


Wednesday Wants

Between the wrap up of New York Fashion Week, the beginning of London Fashion Week and the big dip in temperatures here in New York, I feel like I've been hyper focused on transitioning my wardrobe over to fall and winter...One piece that I've been on the hunt for since last year, has been a flattering fisherman's sweater.  A classic cold weather staple, there are so many stylish street style examples floating around on Pinterest. However, after trying on a few last year, I almost gave up my search. Either they were too itchy, or too chunky and boxy or both.  But, this year brought a new crop and I'm thrilled to have found my "Goldilocks" just right version.  This perforated sleeve knit sweater from Rebecca Taylor (which looks a lot like the one above) is soft, not too bulky and even has a flattering hemline. I love how it's styled a bit dressier in the photo here. I plan on wearing it soon...only a bit more casual, just like I've outlined below.  Madewell also has a very pretty boat neck version and be sure to check out Brooks Brother's elbow patch one's on sale!


Chic In L.A.

Ever since I spotted this Los Angeles home designed by Windsor Smith in  Veranda magazine, I can't stop thinking about it.  Something about all that exposed wood, those rustic gray bricks and the subdued neutral palette reminds me of early you get that too?  And don't even get me started with that artwork above the fireplace here, (it's by David Amico) and I'm officially obsessed. At any rate, I'm in love with this home, it's warm and airy and very, very chic.


Amazon My Habit

I'm very excited to share Amazon's MYHABIT with you.  I don't know about you and your shopping habits, but around here we're all addicted to shopping online and to shopping on Amazon for almost everything and anything...don't even get me started about the (almost) immediate gratification of prime shipping...

As if answering all our basic whims and needs on a daily basis wasn't enough, the clever folks at Amazon have added flash sales to the ever growing roster of Amazon products.  Do you know about the aptly named MYHABIT? I highly recommend you check this out, as the prices are so great and the selection is constantly changing (ie. items sell out fast)! MYHABIT has both high end fashion and great looking home decor items, including kitchen and bedding too.  After a brief perusal I've highlighted some of my absolute faves, and now I've decided that I need to go back and snag those vintage looking seltzer bottles before they're all gone...Check out MYHABIT and let me know what you think in the comments.

*This post was sponsored in part by Amazon's MYHABIT. All opinions are my own. For more about sponsorship practices for this site, please check out the policies page.

Monday's P.O.P.

perfectly patterned purple perch

image via: Matchbook Magazine


Minor Obsessions: Fade To Black

black fashion accessories for fall 2013

Like many of you, I've been following the coverage of New York Fashion Week, including my favorite part, the great street style.  Of all the trends, the one that really catches my eye (and has now for some time) is black and white.  Aside from the ease of getting on board this trend, (I mean who doesn't already have something black and white in their closet?) it's also so easy to accessorize this look.  Here are some favorites, which include this amazing grid pattern scarf from J.Crew, it's sure to sell out, if it hasn't already, as it really gives you just a touch of that whole runway graphic window pane look, so chic!  I also can't stop staring at this gold Michael Kors watch, and imagining it with black painted nails...I think a Friday afternoon manicure is in order! Have a great weekend!

PS: If your looking to add a little white to all this black, be sure to head over to J.Crew where the white denim jeans have been marked down to as much as 50% off! Even if you adhere to those strict "no white after labor day" know white denim is still going to be chic next year, right!? There's also a 25% off sale on a lot of super cute items with code fallstyle!


Seven Inspiring Pinterest Accounts To Follow

seven inspiring pinterest accounts to follow
Lately, whenever I think of Pinterest (which is often) I can't help but to think of Miley Cyrus, (which is weird) "we can't stop, and we won't stop" has become my pinning mantra. I blame this new addiction on the clever Pinterest app that I downloaded to my iPhone! What started out as a mild distraction has lately become a full on obsession. Between catching all the great street style from NYFW and beyond, to finding some super easy recipes and smoothies, decor and interior ideas a plenty, outfit inspiration... you know, really it's endless and very addicting!  Here are seven Pinterest accounts that I'm extra obsessed with lately...check them out and let me know in the comments if I've missed some good ones! And, of course I'd love for you to follow my boards too!


Wednesday Wants

Coming across this image of Olivia Palermo's flawless street style on Pinterest struck a chord with me, I could easily make this ensemble my fall "go to" uniform. I'm thinking this Vince ribbed poncho sweater looks exactly like the one Olivia is wearing, which brings me to another point...I love it when a fashion brand transcends age and appeals to all, not an easy feat, but one that Vince really manages to accomplish so beautifully. 

Pinterest is so great for style inspiration. I've compiled a little round up to complete (and of course acquire) this look (and I'm even shamelessly considering cutting my hair and parting it in the middle!)

super comfortable, read the reviews!


Our Lookbook is LIVE! look book cover page
Back in July, you may remember that I gave a little sneak peek, of our upcoming look book, well, I'm happy to announce it's finally live! Thanks to the great help of Danielle, our former (sigh) summer intern, you can now view our entire look book, shot this summer by the talented Jane Beiles and styled by yours truly, on the oh-so clever glossi platform. It reads just like an online magazine! I've posted just a few of my faves, but be sure to check out the whole thing here!


Peeking Into Designer's Homes

LOVE print over mid-century modern furniture, bedroom
Back on April 2 of 2012, and again on April 3, 2012, I posted some of New York City based designer Daun Curry's exceptional work, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Daun's inspired interiors.  Knowing this, you can imagine what a fun surprise it was to see Daun's uber cool, eclectic home featured over at New York Social Diary.  Here a just a few of my favorite images, plus a fun little round up at the end, on to how to easily get a similar vibe going on in your own space...

Monday's P.O.P.

power purple

image via: polkadot


Minor Obsessions:Cheap Thrills Edition

Between back to school shopping for all three kids (back packs, outfits, shoes, sneakers, cleats, laptops!) it just doesn't end, and then there's the actual books and supplies, the endless bank account is feeling a bit depleted, and with the end of summer, my mood is a bit deflated.  A little retail therapy seems in order, as long as it's the guilt-free-everything-under $75.00 kind (and many things way under $50.00!) I don't mind if I do! What fun little finds have you picked up lately?


Book Review: How To Decorate

In keeping with Tuesday's Australian theme, I'm very excited to share this inspiring design hand book here today.  Written by Shannon Fricke, the popular Australian lifestyle blogger and design workshop guru, How to Decorate: An Inspiring and Practical Handbook, is a great little guide for creating a fresh design concept for your home and implementing it, layer by layer.  Full of beautiful photographs and charming watercolor illustrations, I absolutely loved this book!


Wednesday Wants

casual fall weekend look featuring velvet faux fur vest

Back in early May, I attended the ENK fashion trade show in New York City. I was there to shop for accessories for my store, but, I couldn't help wander over to the fashion side of the show, as the appeal of seeing a fall preview of contemporary clothes, was just too alluring.  For the most part, the whole show, like most trade shows was very overwhelming...but the one item that I remembered the most was this faux shearling vest by Velvet.  It made an impression on me as a very wearable and budget friendly item, so much so, that I actually stalked it's arrival in stores for months...and it finally showed up! I found it in a few places, but surprisingly the best price was at Neiman Marcus, where I immediately scooped it up. Once the days start to cool down a bit, I plan on styling my new piece just like this...


Style Stalking: Greg Natale

dorothy draper chest in black and gold, gilt mirror, vignette
I know it's so cliche so say this...but I truly can not believe that it's September. Another summer over, kids go back to school tomorrow.  While I'll be happy to have us all on a real schedule again, I'm not really looking forward to school starting OR summer ending, but c'est la vie, right?  In order to cheer myself up, I pulled some design inspiration from the other side of the globe...the side that is just now heading into the summer season. This month's style stalk is Sydney based designer, Greg Natale, and it's a really good one. Enjoy!
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