Beauty Tool Favorites

Having talked about my favorite drugstore beauty finds here, and then my upscale beauty product obsessions here, I figured it was time to round out the full routine with my must have beauty tools.  Here are my "desert island" seven:

1. Good inexpensive brushes: I love the selection of makeup brushes over at Target. I recently picked these up and really love the first one for all over bronzer and blush and the last one for eye-brows and lashes...I've used each brush at some point for various blending.  I don't like to pay a lot of money for my makeup brushes because I like to experiment and replace them quite often.

2. I also don't like to pay up when it comes to blow dryers.  I don't need any fancy gimmicks, etc. just deliver the hot air! (I like that this one comes in purple, I can't help it!)

3. Basically, my Clarisonic (and my flat iron) are my beauty tool splurges.  I started using this a few years ago and absolutely love it.  I've given one to both my daughters as well.  I use mine in the shower, making the whole routine that much easier to stick to.

4. I also started using these clever elastic ties a few years ago. I love how they don't break my hair like other elastics. They come in so many great colors and designs, my girls love them too.  We're always stealing  borrowing from each other.  I can't work out or wash my face without one.

5. A good friend of mine turned me onto these "wet brushes" a while ago, and just like the hair ties and Clarisonic I've gotten these for both my daughters as well.  Between the three of us we have a lot of hair, these brushes get the tangles out with out the drama (and or the tears).  

6. I've been loyal to the Shiseido brand of eyelash curlers for years.  I love the way this simple tool gives my eyelashes a bit of shape and makes my eyes seem wide awake, especially when I'm not.

7. I first "discovered" the flat iron back in the nineties and it was life changing for me.  For me there is nothing like a great flat iron to take my unruly waves, curls, cowlicks, flyaways and frizz and tame them into smooth submission.  I feel so much more put together when my hair is behaving.  I probably go through at least one flat iron a year, due to use...this is the one I'm currently using.

I'd love to hear what your can't-live-without beauty tools are!


  1. Thanks for the brushes tips. I am in need of some new ones but can't fathom the thought of what some spend for it. So you (along with a million others) love the Clarisonic huh? Dang. I need to splurge and get this. I've been using the Olay one and it's their biggest competitor. It works great but I know if I spend a little more, the Clarisonic will make my post-baby skin look and feel even more amazing. As for the flat iron, I've had my Chi for 5 years now and it still works awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love my Clarisonic, Sue. This winter I need all the help I can get to refresh my skin!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. I'm with you on the Clarisonic and hot dryer. I've been using the Revlon Perfect Heat 1875w dryer for maybe 10 years. Works great and is only $20.99

  4. I love my Clarisonic, too.
    Also a big fan of my illuminated/magnifying makeup mirror. Although sometimes it's pretty depressing!

  5. I need to buy some new eyebrushes but so far the best hair straightener I can recommend is the karmin g3 =) I seriously recommended b/CV it's very high quality!


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