Book Review: A Passion For Blue and White

Even though Carolyn Roehme, published A Passion for Blue and White, back in 2008, I wanted to talk about this beautiful book here today.  Aside from this being one of my all time favorite color combinations, as well as one of my all time favorite design books, all of the images here seem completely fresh and of the moment. I've always loved blue and white decorative pieces of all shapes and sizes, from Asian influenced ginger jars and vases to less formal pieces like stone ware and spatter ware. While certainly not a trend per se, it would appear that these classics are all having a bit of a revival these days.  

Get the look with some of these fabulous blue and white pieces


  1. Beautiful! Blue and white works so well together--there's a reason it's a classic!

  2. I will always love blue and white, its lovely and classic..gorgeous post!

  3. It's definitely one of my favorite books and looks. It always looks terrific!

  4. Loving blue and white. A gorgeous combo.


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