Wednesday Wants: {Birthday} Wishlisting

If you're the type of person that loves to celebrate your Birthday, I envy you...I really do! My Birthday is next week and the truth is, I've never enjoyed this day. With each and every year I seem to dread it more.  As I'm writing this I'm thinking this sounds both cliche and self indulgent...what's a girl to do?  Clearly I need to  fake it until I make it ... the best way I know is with the help of some retail therapy.  Never underestimate the power of a good shopping spree..

A flattering new black jersey jumpsuit, the chicest crossbody bag ever, a fabulous little gold snake pinky ring, edgy black diamond heart studs, a "wear with anything and everything" gold chain and of course a new pair of shoes, I'm actually starting to feel a bit better already.


  1. I am right after you in the first of next month and trying to forget how old I am getting!! I love this wish list though!! Really sharp!!!

  2. Great list! Happy early birthday!

  3. When dreading that birthday - think of the alternative! Love that jumpsuit, and I see it is less than $100. Great!

  4. Happy early birthday! Mine is in 2 weeks and am one of those who LOVES her birthday! Happy shopping and make the most of it! XO

  5. I like your wish list! I don't like it when my birthday rolls around BUT I am thankful that I'm still here to go through all the stuff that "mature" women have to go through;) I like to keep it low key .. dinner out is a must! Hope you have something fun planned.

  6. Happy early birthday, Sue!!! Love your list and you would stellar outfitted in all of it!
    xoxo Elizabeh


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