Wednesday Wants: Simple Pleasures

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Call it a mid week slump or maybe it's the winter "blahs"... here are eight little things, all catching my eye for their pick me up, life improving qualities: 1. A subtle pink manicure in a clean and chic shade. 2. A new fragrant candle in a fabulous container. 3. Sweet smelling hand soap at the kitchen sink.  4. Dainty little rings (that fit under gloves) at dainty little prices.  5. Always flowers, either fresh or faux. 6. New notepads for lists and goal setting.  7. A fun little coin purse for all those quarters (no more parking tickets)! 8. A new key chain in an easy to find at the bottom of my bag size.

What small little treats are catching your eye this month?


  1. Love the color of that YSL polish!!

  2. Those would all definitely brighten my winter blues! Love the soft color palette.

  3. Love that nail polish! The peonies are a reminder of Spring..where is it by the way!! All this snow a bit stir crazy here!

  4. Love the geometric container of the candle! So pretty

  5. Love the flowers....I keep a pink hydrangea in a mint julip cup on my desk for a pick-me-up. I am ready for spring!!!

  6. A wonderful collection. I stocked up on the Compagnie de Provence products when i was in France last fall, they are extraordinary, so pleased to see Sur la Table is carrying them. Right now, I am focused on organizing, BIG time.


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