Clutter Control

I did more shopping this week then I've done all winter. And, now I'm feeling the urge to purge a lot of my old stuff.  Maybe it's cabin fever or spring cleaning a bit early, but I'm ready to start taming some of the chaos spilling from every cabinet, drawer and closet around here.

And it's not just my stuff... We've got sports gear, cleats, old toys and school projects on every surface (or so it seems that way to me).  This weekend my goal to is to start the paring down process. As a little extra motivation, stylish sea grass baskets from Target to store what can't be parted with and lovely little trays from J.Crew,  to keep life's little favorite things close.


  1. Love wonderful places to hide clutter.. I hate when things don't look neat even if I am hiding a multitude of clutter sins!

  2. Great suggestions Sue, I cannot wait for Spring spruce up!
    An Invitation to the Garden

  3. So love the striped tray so I've ordered one to be shipped to Australia! Thanks for the post!

  4. Hey Sue! I'm in the same boat as you. I need to de-clutter and start cleaning out baby's room. She's got some old clothes I need to store away and I need to go through my old clothes are decide if I will keep it or toss it. Love the storage bins from Target. So affordable, stylish and pretty durable. Maybe I'll take on this project this Sunday. Have a lovely weekend!


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