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Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal to me...which is sort of a little ironic, because on any given day (not just on February 14th) I actually LOVE the whole lovey dovey sentimental theme on a design level: hearts and arrows, Xs and Os, lockets and locks, all shades of pink, flowers...well, you get the picture. Here's a few Valentines Day gifts I wouldn't mind receiving, plus a few favorites from for good measure!

As for the guys, I just went back and perused my gift list for men from the very much still holds up for Valentines Day, since gifts for men don't typically fall into the hearts and kisses category (even on Valentines Day). It's one of my favorite gift posts ever and you can check it out here.

Or, when all else fails, there's always chocolate!


  1. 'Gotta love the MK Watch!

  2. Hmm...that love dish (#10) sure does look familiar! :) Love the measuring spoons and have been itching for a new perfume to try. Heard great things about Aerin's Amber Musk. Have a wonderful weekend Sue!

  3. I like your hint list. Fingers crossed you get a few of them :)

  4. Love that watch with the pink face!

  5. I love the XO earrings!! So cute!!


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