On The Hunt

I think I must own about three or four white button down shirts...but that perfect one, with an ideal fit, still seems to elude me.  Right now I'm thinking cotton for spring, although I can't deny the appeal of a louche silk white chic, right?  (Maybe one in each fabric is what's in order, cotton for day and silk for evening.)  I've checked in with all the usual classic sources for top notch white shirts: Theory, Equipment and The Gap, and even found a few contenders in some "new to me" labels as well, like Bella Dahl and Rochelle Behrens.  I've narrowed down my picks to a select seven. Scroll through to see my finds and let me know if I've missed anything great!


  1. I was just thinking I need to refresh my white button downs! Great finds. Maybe if we all do this winter will finally end??

  2. I'm on a mad hunt for the perfect white button down. It has illuded me also! Maybe one of these will work!

  3. I so need a new white shirt. Lately, I've really been into the collarless silk ones (by Vince). The collar is always what seems to make or break it for me. It tends to bunch up, so I really want a collarless one this Spring. M.

  4. I LOVE the top in the first picture. Linen is my "go to" in Summer.... :)

  5. Joanna2/12/2014

    Love Anne Fontaine white shirts!

  6. I have to agree that Theory is a great white shirt! I just got a white with black pinstripe too , it's cut very well! Thanks for the introduction to the other brands as well!

  7. I am still on the hunt for the perfect fitting white button down shirt too. Isn't it funny how such a simple top is so hard to find? I like the one from Theory or Nordstrom. I think big pockets look a bit better on me for some reason.


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