On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

At the beginning of fall, I impulsively purchased this pink coat from Club Monaco, (which is of course on major sale right now!) and wore it exactly twice, before this miserable winter descended upon us, forcing me to venture out only in gigantic hooded puffer coats

Now that the calendar is telling us that spring is near (let's hope!) I'm planning on taking my pale pink coat out again...eventually.  Inspired by all the great street style featuring bold shots of pink, it's obvious that this cheerful color is perfect for transitioning my tired winter weary wardrobe into spring. I'm planning on adding a few more pink pieces to my closet, like this adorable knit cap (also dramatically reduced) and these jaunty pink sneakers (they're already in my cart).  More pink picks featured below!


  1. nice to see pink after all this snow! (We live in NJ)...I have been wanting a pink coat. Though it's so hard to buy coats now even though they are on sale...I want spring!

  2. My favorite would have to be the first pink jacket! Super cute. Pink is a very bold color so you have to be confident to wear it. I'd probably wear a pink blazer before I'd wear a pink fur : ) Jonesy @

  3. LOVE!!! We must think alike because I am sporting a blue and polka dot pink top today :) I am so ready for Spring so bring on the soft pinks and hot pinks too.

  4. Well, you know these fashions make me happy!!!! I finally took the faux fur collar off my standard puffer coat, just to have a "change". My uniform is getting really old and I could use some color! Spring, please show up soon!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. I'm the biggest fan of pink and have a pink handbag that I love when I'm wearing black…adore the pink coats!!


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