Right On, Target

I know of so many mom's, just like me, that are transitioning their eleven and twelve year old daughters over to more mature, teen friendly bedrooms.  This can get a bit pricey, so friends are always asking if I know of any great online resources for furniture. Each time, I tell them to check out what's going on at Target.  So many great pieces for fixing up a fabulous teen's room...not to mention all the other rooms in your house.

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  1. I spent so much time at Target the other day and absolutely loved everything in their store! Threshold is killing it with their great designs right now. :) I had to refrain from wanting to scoop up everything.

  2. I bought the the bar cart the other day and it looks great in the room!

  3. So timely...I'm transitioning my 10 1/2 year old daughter's room in the same way...she also loves gold accents and we're looking at some of these same pieces for her.

  4. They have some great pieces - with good design and at reasonable price. The starburst mirrors are quite the hit right now!

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