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Have you seen Tory Burch's new beauty line yet?  Specifically, the lip colors! I have a penchant for pale pink lipsticks and glosses, having neither the face nor the personality to carry off a dark red these chic and sheer pale lip colors (with a lovely light citrus fragrance) are right up my ally.   Pas du Tout, is by far my favorite shade and officially my newest beauty obsession for spring...what's yours?


  1. Oh Tory, you are so lovely...alll of you :)

  2. I haven't tried the lipsticks yet, but the perfume is amazing!! And the bottle is so cute! :)

  3. I didnt like the first color that came out initially - maybe not for my coloring but im excited to try out the new shades!

  4. The colors are gorgeous and just like everything else Tory does…the packaging is just as pretty!!! Have tried the perfume, but not the lip colors. I'd like one just to enjoy how pretty it would look on my dresser. Mwah!
    xoxo E

  5. Love this collection and the softer shades. The packaging is also perfection.

  6. Beautiful colors! Everything she does is wonderful and I'm sure these shades look pretty and have lasting power. xxL

  7. Wow, those are gorgeous!! I see 3 right off the bat that I think would go nicely with my complexion :) Does she also have eye shadows?

  8. Oh so lovely, these beautiful colors are to adore!



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