Dream Gardens

We survived one of the worst winters I can remember, and now I'm just grateful that my box woods and hydrangeas seemed to have survived under all that freezing snow. The calendar might say spring and the days are thankfully longer and sunnier, but I can't wait for spring to really arrive here already.  It's close, but there's still not a Forsythia bloom or Daffodil in sight!

Until our garden actually blooms, I've been gathering up the most beautiful inspiration over at Howard Design Studio. Each and every image captures the garden of my dreams.  I'm also tempted to pick up a copy of The Private Gardens of Georgia, which features a lot of Howard Design Studio's impeccable work.  Is it spring time yet where you live?


  1. I pinned them all. What beautiful little corners of the world!

  2. What beautiful gardens!! so pretty! I bet yours is too! Yes, you do need those earrings. I thought of you while writing the post!

  3. So gorgeous, Sue. It's definitely spring in my part of the world, but we ripped out all our landscaping to create something closer to my dream garden... and right now it's a muddy mess. Your gorgeous photos are a reminder of why we are doing all of this! Thank you! XOXO

  4. These are stunning. I love sculpted shrubs and hydrangeas are my favorite.

  5. Beyond stunning I have to rip out my front yard!! This is just the inspiration I needed!

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  7. The forsythia and daffodils are blooming in Richmond, VA, but the winter snows and ice sure did a number on the foliage. My camellias are shot for this year, but I am feeling hopefully because my peonies have started to sprout. I hope your yellow bloomers are out soon. They really do make the days feel sunnier even with a wind chill.


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