Off The Grid

Back when I practiced law in New York City, my office was located in lower Manhattan, in an area known as the Financial District.  Basically, any further downtown and you would've been in a different borough.  I usually didn't wander too far from the office, for fear of getting lost.  Unlike the upper east side neighborhood where I lived at the time, most of the streets downtown are not on an organized numerical grid (that runs east to west and north to south). Instead, the downtown Manhattan streets all have these random names, making it easy to get lost (and I often did and still do).  But, given how chic this West Village townhouse, designed by Steven Gambrel, is...I'm thinking I wouldn't mind get lost here one bit...


  1. I love the idea of a steam shower and the rustic bathroom at the end makes me want to move to the mountains! Loved this!
    Bathroom Design

  2. Truly one of may favorite designers, I saw him at LeeJofa Last year and he is tall and handsome, ust like his style!! I love his use of simple shutters and clean lines but lots of interest!


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