Summer Beauty

I'm a creature of habit. I'll eat the same thing for breakfast for months on end (Greek yogurt, blueberries, honey)...when I find something I like, I like to stick with it.  The same hold true for my beauty routine.  While a lot of women I know have a whole different regimen for the warmer months, mine only changes very slightly, today I'm sharing some of my favorite summer beauty products.

As my skin gets a bit tanner (with the help of my favorite bronzer) my mani/pedi tends to get a lot lighter. (love this and of course this classic too!)

Keeping things light with my summer scent of choice: Molecule 01-(thanks to my great smelling friend Carolyn) I'm obsessed with this, and get so many compliments, I'd thought I'd share it here. There's also my new favorite fresh light lip gloss and my new found love for this highlighter. Turns out I was using it all wrong, as this does not work well as a concealer for my dark circles (only this works) but it does look lovely as a cheek bone / eye lid highlighter for summer nights. 

What products are you loving lately?


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  2. The YSL Radiant Touch has been a staple in my make up bag for many moons! Just recently bought some cheapie nail polish at the chemist (Nail Pop) and it stays chip free for over a week... off to buy the whole colour range now!


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