Divine Details: Dual Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Hello Zhush readers! It's Katy Byrne from DBK: Designs By Katy, back with another installment of Divine Details. Today's detail is one that I am dying to implement in my own home: dual kitchen cabinet colors. Have you noticed people are beginning to have dark lower cabinets with light uppers? I have started putting these in my multi-family projects and it's gotten a great response. I hope it's a trend that's here to stay.

dual cabinet color 2
kitchen 2
dual cabinet 5

Do you love it as much as me? It adds a surprising amount of depth to the space. Thanks again for having me, Sue. Don't forget to pay me a visit at Designs By Katy!

Imagery via: John Lum Architecture, Decorpad, EST Magazine, Dust-Jacket Attic


  1. Sue I love to see that contrasts in color, it adds so much interest and drama!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Love these kitchens!!!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful kitchen photos. They are inspiring! DH and I are in the planning stages of redoing our galley kitchen and all those questions of color choice, cabinet style, etc. are boggling our minds.
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  4. great photos . I love these kitchens.What I think is interesting is that all these upper cabinets match the walls and that makes the lower cabinets look more like furniture chests. If the walls were a different color it would not look as powerful.
    I think you do still do a great kitchen with the wall , uppers and lower cabinets all different .... but you would have to do it carefully. and how different it would look if the walls matched the lower cabinets ... like in a grey color .
    These photos are still my favorite

  5. Gorgeous. I hope it's as you say, a trend that will stay, as opposed to those awful skinny horizontal backsplash tiles in medleys of browns--ugh! (Thanks for not including them in the photos)

  6. Lovely kitchens! Thanks for the inspiration!
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