Must Wear White

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This Saturday night we'll be attending an outdoor party where the dress code calls for all white attire, in other words, a"white party." It all seems very P. Diddy in the Hamptoms circa seven years ago...  As you might've guessed, I'm not really a fan of mandatory dress codes of this nature and as a result I've procrastinated shopping for a cute white outfit to wear to this event.  

Realistically, I could probably rustle up something from my closet in the form of white jeans and a white button down shirt, but truthfully, it's probably going to take a fun new top or a cute new dress to get me in the right state of party mind here...

Have you ever been to a white party?  Do you like theme dress codes? Am I just a wet blanket?  Scroll through to see the clothes I'm currently considering and let me know what you think...Fingers crossed I don't spill something on myself within the first half hour!


  1. Yes, The Saks dress is perfect! I'd pair it with metallic shoes and jewelry. Fun post!

  2. Either the saks dress, the rachel pally top or the intermix top. Loved them. Not a big fan of dress codes either though!

  3. I've been to "white" parties…and I have to say, the photos always turn out so beautifully! We had to skip it this year, but it's a fun idea once the calendar says SUMMER!!! Hope you had fun…I know you looked beautiful!

    xxx e

  4. Never been to a "white" party, but I am sure they are fun. I am always a sucker for themed parties.

  5. Funny you should write this and post it. I attend the infamous Diner en Blanc event in Philadelphia, as well as an all white dinner party in Collingswood NJ. I've done 3 of them now, and will do 2 more this year. I'm even going to be a table leader for the Diner en Blanc Philadelphia event. I love it and usually I eschew the rules and heavy demands of massive group events. And I've always hated white. As I say, white and I have not been friends. But I've made my peace with it and now embrace the wall white coolness. I does make for the must stunning images.


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