Peeking Into Designer's Homes

I took a quick break from moving madness last night (fourteen years of accumulated possessions equals a lot of time and emotional energy) in order to watch Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Miami, and got immediately sucked into the whole Floridian luxury real estate market scene. A few manic
clicks later and I was looking at the over the top home of clothing designer, Tommy Hilfiger, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and featured in this month's Architectural Digest.  I really admire the amount of decor chutzpah going on here...completely bananas!


  1. It is as in the words of Rachel Zoe - ba -na - nas!! I don't understand what happened in that house though I am afraid...

  2. Bananas in the bathroom??????

  3. Those are gorgeous bathrooms! I would love to have a claw foot tub someday. I really like the wall printing and the last pic too.
    Marvelous Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

  4. It is a total wow! I love to see what fun others have with the design process !!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Holy ta definitely is alot going on in there..but that is all part of being the creative person that Tommy Hilfiger is...And Martin Lawrence, he is definitely out the box type of designer...I love the Happy Cheerful makes me smile...;-)

    Sue, if you have a moment, please stop by our website or fb page. We are just starting our small business and I have been following you for quite sometime. I love what you do and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks Marie

  6. I love Martin Lawrence, this is home is definitely out of the box and not necessarily my taste, but I do love it.


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