September Stylemakers

The Better Homes and Gardens September Stylemaker issue, is by far my favorite issue of this publication to date.  Have you seen this one yet?  Chock full of fabulous features of so many of the designers and artists that I follow daily, but it was this feature on new to me Nashville based designer, Gen Sohr that really captured my attention.  Gen is the founder of design company, Pencil and Paper Development...check out her lovely home here, and read the full feature which includes all her fabulous tips and style advice here.


  1. Excellent ideas Sue, especially about bookshelf editing!(can you tell that is on my list?)



    The Arts by Karena

  2. I know!! I am loving this issue, so so good!!

  3. I've looked thru this issue at least a dozen times. One of their best!

  4. Completely agree, Sue. This is the best issue of BH&G I've seen. Natalie Morales! Ted! So much goodness.

    xoxo E

  5. I'm completely agree with you, i've looked at this issue like million times and I can't tired of it, it's great, may be the best.
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