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We've started introducing some movies from our childhood to our kids...both the (original) Willie Wonka and The Bad News Bears were big hits.  The Sting? Not so much.  I'm hoping to download Breaking Away this weekend. This movie was one of my all time faves!

Scooped up these chic little studs over at Baublebar- they have a great promotion going on today: 20% off 1 item with code FALL20 and 30% off 2 or more with code FALL30.

Currently stalking the entire new fall Nate Berkus home collection at Target-especially this fun little round box.

Speaking of Nate, last night I had the pleasure of hearing Nate Berkus speak at the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemakers workshop. It was a very inspiring day in New York, the only downside being utter exhaustion today...TGIF!


  1. Is breaking away that cycling movie? I feel like I saw this one!! We had some great movies my girls saw Breakfast Club and loved that one. Have a great weekend,K

    1. The Breakfast Club is my all time favorite!!!

  2. OH I'm so jealous you got to hear Nate Berkus. There's so many things I want from his new Target line.

  3. I love revisiting my old favorite movies with my kids...we are alone now, but still dig into the past to watch the oldies. It is fun when they get older to watch the "R" rated ones with them and watch them squirm in certain scenes (or maybe that is me!) I can't wait to hear more about the BHG event. Have a wonderful weekend, Sue! xoxo

  4. Not sure if anyone remembers the movie Savannah Smiles??? Probably better if you have girls though. My boys were not impressed. :(

  5. I love love love Breaking Away!!


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