Nantucket Style

Even though summer just ended, I've already started thinking about next summer.  This coming July, Mr. Zhush and I will be kid free and fancy free...for the first time in nearly fifteen years! While I know I'll be missing my kiddos, I love the idea of a quick trip up to Nantucket. We've both been but not together. Crazily enough, the time to think about this type of vacation is now. 

As a little inspiration for the Mr. (who's still on the fence) I'm featuring this charming Nantucket home designed by Steven Gambrel.  Regardless as to whether we make it to the island this summer, I'll always love the whole chic Nantucket vibe.  In fact, I'm hoping to add some of this sophisticated coastal style to my home...(scroll through below for some of my decor picks).


  1. I do love Nantucket, but it is such a family place...won't it make you miss your children even more? You need to find a swanky hotel where there aren't a ton of families. And, yes, you definitely NEED to plan it now. xoxo

  2. What a great way to spend a kid-free week!!

  3. Sue have a fab time! Love the red upholstered sun room by Mr Gambrel!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Summer never really end for us here in South Florida. I love that bedroom space you showed.

  5. Uh I am in love with that final quilt, so gorgeous!



  6. you'll need a summer escape after your big move!
    love nantucket.

  7. We have never been. Already looking for places for next summer....not sure if we should stay in town or at the beach. Decisions, decisions!! :)


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