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We are moving in four short weeks. (After living here for fourteen years!) We've accumulated a lot of stuff. Too much stuff.  The thought of packing (and unpacking) it all is daunting, especially since I know so much of it could be either donated or discarded (and a few things consigned).  In order to tackle this enormous task, I've called in a professional organizer.

Michelle Ostroff from Properly Placed is helping me keep my sanity and slowly sort, purge and donate my way to a more organized life. I asked Michelle to share some of her favorite items to use for organizing homes and work spaces. Here are her picks:

1. Every Organizer loves the individual plastic shoe boxes sold at The Container Store.  I store not only shoes in them, but also seasonal scarves, lego sets, batteries, etc… Of course, I label the bins with labels made with my label maker!

2. I always recommend the Nuvola umbrella stand by Guzzini. A great place to store umbrellas by the front door and it looks like a work of art.

3.The easiest way to help anyone organize a drawer is to use drawer dividers The Container Store carries a wide variety.  Use expandable drawer dividers to organize your cooking utensils and sectioned drawer organizers for your desk drawers.  I love to use bamboo deep drawer dividers for bowls and storage containers in kitchens that have a lot of deep drawers.

4. and 5. Have a home office or a desk out in the open?  I love The Container Store’s Stockholm Collection.  These boxes are great for storing personal files without the bulkiness of a file cabinet and they’re portable! They come in a variety of bright colors and designs and are great for storing photos and mementos. Below is a project of mine utilizing these versatile items.

Shop Michelle's picks here:


  1. Beautiful organizational pieces!

  2. I'm in the same boat.. sorting, organizing, packing and moving as well.
    It's a daunting task but feels great to edit... must get to the container store!

  3. Love the Stockholm Collection. The variety of colors makes storing things less of a nightmare to look at.
    Thanks for sharing!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  4. What a brilliant resource to know about!

  5. The transparent plexi-boxes are perfect fro shoe storage!

  6. Love all the resources and tips for restoring order in the house. Since we have the three old bedrooms under renovation and had to empty the's been a great test to my marriage and to my daughter - that maybe a shopping trip can wait.
    Crazy how much stuff we can accumulate and still think we need more! Having storage is key and then labeling it or having a dedicated space is the key.
    I think my OCD side would love to have a business like Michelle. I sort of stalk hoarders. Fascinated with how and why they stock pile!


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