The Best Laid Plans

My friend had the brilliant idea of grabbing lunch in near by Rowayton, Connecticut and then taking a long walk around this charming coastal town.  I figured it would be a great break from the stress of packing up our home and the head ache of our renovation.  I had planned on taking a lot of photos and sharing them here, as this area has some of the prettiest sea side homes I've ever seen.

Well, between my friend's son coming down with a stomach bug and the inclement weather in this area the past few days, this plan did not pan out.  Instead, today I'm sharing the work of Lynn Morgan, one of the area's top interior designers.  Lynn Morgan's homes are all so perfectly conceived, in many ways this post is better than what I had originally planned.


  1. The wallcovering in the first powder room is wonderful, love her style!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I love all the blue and white - gorgeous! There must be a stomach bug going around here too. I attended my son's class trip the other day and a boy got sick on the bus. My son told me last night that now the boy's brother has it too...just great. I am going to start loading us all up on probiotics!

  3. Hope your friend is feeling better soon and that things continue to make progress on your packing and your move! Lynn's images sure make everything look perfectly planned out!

  4. This is so beautiful, I saw her early this home is in the town center with a minimalist design. but in the end I found the answer that his house is full of inspiration, because there is beautiful scenery plus fresh air.


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