Book Review: Momentary by Sage Vaughn

I'm always on the look out for beautiful and interesting art (especially now that we have all these new blank walls to deal with)! So when I was given the opportunity to review Momentary, a fabulous new book featuring the artwork of Sage Vaughn, I was absolutely thrilled! Featuring colorful butterflies (a favorite decorative motif of mine) the images here are absolutely stunning! A great little addition to your coffee table, this lovely little book would also make a great gift.

PS: More great books to give and to get!

*I received a free copy of  Momentary from the publisher, but this did not influence my opinions here, which are and always will be my own.


  1. Sue, I adore this artist and his work, really wonderfully ethereal!

    Tis the Sunday before Christmas

  2. Oh my goodness I love those! Especially the next to last image. Merry Christmas, Sue!


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