California Cool

As expected by now, my seasonal affective disorder has kicked into over drive. It's usually always around this time of year that my need for sunlight and warmer temps has me seriously questioning our stubborn refusal to leave the North East for what is no doubt a healthier, greener (in every respect) and all around improved life style in Southern California.

Fueling my latest West Coast envy is this impeccably styled, bright and sunny home. According to Domino, where this lovely house was spotted - the home owner is a recent New York City transplant...which some how only makes me love this perfectly chic home even more...

a few ideas for getting that CA cool look:


  1. I love this one! There is something so tempting about Southern California isn't there? Especially this time of year in the NE!

  2. I love this look! Oddly enough it will be 70 something degrees in Nor Cal tomorrow. Now THAT is unusual for this time of year. I'll send a little sunshine your way!
    Cheers, Heathr @ Stylemindchic Lifestyle


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