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If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know we've recently moved (two months ago!) from our New York house to our new home here in Connecticut.  Over the summer and right up until the day before we moved in here, I took part in the popular "One Room Challenge" wherein I crazily attempted to renovate our kitchen (above) along with the help of Muse Interiors in six short weeks.

Well, the kitchen was mostly done when the six weeks wrapped and we moved in here, but it wasn't fully complete (actually, it's still not 100% finished-you can see the tape on one of the cabinets where the handle hardware should be!) and I wanted to have professional photos done to really showcase all the work right.  Last month, Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 came up here from the city and took some amazing images, including my still yet to be finished kitchen.

Anyway, today Domaine is running a full home tour of our house along with an interview. I selected several of my favorites to feature here as well, along with as many sources as I can remember.  For all the kitchen sources, please be sure to check out the "One Room Challenge" post as they are all listed there!

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more highlights and sources and also some of the rooms and images that haven't been seen on Domaine.

 "Antelope" runner by Stark

coffee table, sofa, sofa lumbar pillow, ottomans thru- Muse Interiors

headboard via Muse Interiors

high gloss blue by Fine Paints of Europe
hardware by Rejuvanation


  1. Sue! I nearly fainted when I saw your glamorous home on Domaine today! LOVE it my friend!!! Happy New Year


  2. I can't even pick a favorite! That Stark runner is everything, and I don't know what I love more: your closet or it's content! Stunning Sue, as always

  3. Stunning! I especially love the silouhettes! :)

  4. So so pretty!!! Well done, lady!!!

  5. Sue, this is so insanely amazing!!! How in the world did you pull it together in just 2 months?! So excited it's featured on Domaine and can't wait to see the whole interview. Officially inviting myself over!!! xxx Elizabeth

  6. Your home is incredible Sue! I love the hits of blue throughout - it ties it all so beautifully together.

  7. Leigh ann1/09/2015

    Hi sue. Love it all. Would you share the paint color of the stairwell?

  8. Beautiful! Can you post the link for the Stark stair runner? I looked on their site and couldn't find it. Thanks!

  9. Your new home is crazy gorgeous, Sue! I can't believe you've decorated already!

  10. Anonymous1/15/2015

    I absolutely love the wall color and runner in the stairwell! What color is it??? And where is the runner from??? They'd both be perfect for my basement!!!!


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