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First off, thanks so much for all the great feedback and kind comments on our new house!  A lot of you have mentioned that you couldn't believe how much was accomplished in only two months, and while it's true, we did get a lot done, there's still is quite a bit left to do here. Incomplete rooms were  either creatively cropped or not photographed at all.

Which brings me to this post. High on my decorating "to do" list is replacing all the outdoor lights here with new ones more in line with my own taste. I love the lantern featured in this photo above, and quickly found myself fully engrossed and inspired by The Urban Electric Company's clever site.  Don't you love when you can see a product in a beautiful interior, or exterior- as the case may be?  Check out all the inspiration I found below...


  1. I just purchased outdoor lighting and it was so hard to find the right fit. I wish I had this source a few weeks ago. I adore your home and would love to see more on a regular baisas.
    The House of Hampton

  2. Sue I do love the Urban Electric Company. You are coming along just great on your new home and the changes you've created!

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  3. I love the variety that Urban Electric Company offers! Thanks for sharing that source and I can't wait to see all the beautiful progress on your home!


  4. I find myself turning on every light to avoid SAD disorder! I honestly do not know how they lived without electricity. Thank-you Ben Franklin and Urban Electric.

  5. I want the lighting AND the decor! Every one is pin worthy. :)


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