New House Tour: Our Kitchen

Hope you're not too sick of seeing my kitchen! Although I'm constantly tweaking the decorative displays in the glass cabinets and there are STILL some cabinets missing hardware, a large blank wall that craves some attention and possibly the need for window treatments- ( these are really lovely, aren't they?) our kitchen renovation is for the most part D.O.N.E!

Call it week 31 of the one room challenge...(if you're new here, this room was part of a decor blog link up challenge to re-do one room in six weeks, the reveal date coincided with our real life moving date-in retrospect, not the best planning on my part, but you can catch up with all that design drama including sources and before and afters---here) Finally, here's the pretty reveal (complete with professional photos by Nicole Cohen) that I wish I could've posted back in November -better late than never!

PS: Come back tomorrow for images of our high gloss blue butler's pantry that you can glimpse in the background-I just found the "before" photos, a testimony to the power of paint!


  1. Sue I adore your kitchen and LOVE the fact that you went with brass hardware, it really elevates the entire room in my opinion and just gives it an extra dose of sophistication! WELL DONE!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Simply perfect! When can I come for a cup of tea😉!

  3. Sue I love your kitchen and of course with your background you will keep changing up the decor and accessories!!

    Featuring The HighBoy

  4. It is so beautiful!!! Love it!

  5. I love it Sue.. and I am envious to here you say D.O.N.E .. our project is moving along so slowly. Your brass hardware is so pretty and I of course I like the way you've styled all the blue and white pieces. Is that a Guy C. table? I have an oval one and I am thinking of selling in and getting something from RH. It's difficult to part with it and I won't budge on price so I may not sell it;)

  6. Just stunning, Sue!! You did an amazing job...and I can't wait to see the Butler's Pantry! You're always such an inspiration...especially now that I'm doing my own kitchen!!

  7. I am in love with your golden hardware. It's perfection with your space! Congratulations on being so near completion. Looking simply beautiful!
    xx, Heather@Stylemindchic Lifestyle

  8. Love your kitchen, love the brass and the dark floors!! Perfection!

  9. It looks great! :) I l-o-v-e the hardware!


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