Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Just a friendly reminder that Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th.  Of course as a mom, all I really want is a quiet, relaxing day-if fresh flowers, champagne and brunch make it into the mix...all the better!  Handmade gifts from my kids are always the best, but for my own mom, I like to spoil her with a chic treat or two.  Here's a little round up of few lovely options - Happy Weekend!

shop the post (and a few more):


  1. sending this to my sons.

  2. NICE! Good for me...but not MOM! She is so simple and flowers are her fave!
    I love my Clairasonic!

  3. We’re big fans of stylish presents and this compilation is great. One more to add: a super symphonic musical composition written on the notes in mother’s own name. Low cost high impression guaranteed, available as standalone mp3 or ecard on


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