Beach House Bliss

I don't really have a bucket list, but if I did...owning a fabulously chic yet comfortable and family friendly beach house would be at the very top of it.  Which is probably why I'm so completely obsessed with this beautiful home, designed by Jenny Wolf and photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine.

This beach house is located on Long Beach Island, New Jersey-also known as simply "LBI" a favorite beach destination of my childhood and one I hope to return to this summer.  Each and every detail here is so amazingly perfect-from the bedrooms to the over the top Moroccan inspired dressing area...this home is going straight into my "one day" inspiration dream home/beach house files.

PS: More from Jenny Wolf interiors here and here.

PPS: scroll through below for a few ideas on getting this chic beach vibe in your own home:


  1. Where on earth in LBI is that beauty?? Fabulous!! xo K

  2. Love those cabinets in the bathroom!!! It is all beautiful though.

  3. I love everything about this! Filed under "Dream Homes" for sure!


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