New House, New Needs

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We just ordered two little round poufs (that look a lot like these) for our living room-once they arrive this space will be fully-one-hundred-percent finished (the first room in the house). Several other rooms need a bit more attention, like our master bedroom and guest room; but these lovely pillows, this mid century classic chair, this bookcase (from PBteen no less!) and this stylish floor lamp could soon finish up the furniture situation in these spaces as well.

Knowing how much I love to work on our interiors, a friend asked if I was going to feel sad once our new our home is finished. While that concept seems too far off to even fathom (we have an unfinished basement that I can't imagine tackling before 2017) I do think once it's all done I might miss this process. The hunt for inspiration and of course the perfect item-whatever that might be, is something I really do enjoy.

Even though there's still a lot left to do, our new house is starting to feel a lot like home. We're coming up on seven months living here and most of the anxiety I'd experienced right before, during and after our move is now thankfully behind me.

My kids all finish up school this week. Just like my children, I'm really looking forward to the summer break. Without the chaos of the school calendar and related activities, I know I'll have so much more free time to spend on so many of the spaces and projects that are still unfinished around here.  Not to mention all those unpacked boxes in the basement... 



  1. Sue I can only imagine how much fun it is to design a new home! I adore the bookcase from PB Teen!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Your living room is gorgeous! I am happy you are settling in. Happy Summer! I still feel that giddiness even with no children at home any more. xoxo


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