White Brick Homes

Aren't these homes stunning? White houses are my favorite.  Our old home was a white clapboard Colonial and I just adored the look of it.  Our new house, which is a brick Georgian is also lovely...however, I can't help mysel, I wish the bricks were painted white, or at a minimum, white washed. This would probably cost a small fortune and would need a lot of upkeep, making this idea of mine completely unrealistic...have any of you ever taken a traditional red brick home and made it white?


  1. These are stunning, Sue. I love painted brick. I hope youre having a wonderful summer. xo Nancy

  2. Sue I love a brick home and in our historical neighborhoods there are many traditional ones. Adore the washed look which I guess is actually a sandblasted white painted brick.

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    Artist Nicoletta Belletti


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