Desk Top Refresh

Back to school shopping took a bit longer than expected this year. As the mom of two teen daughters I started to lose my patience as each notebook, pen and binder was scrutinized and often rejected. This was not any teacher requirement, but rather their own sense of what would work for them aesthetically. When both were finally satisfied that this year's supplies would adequately represent their style, I found myself a bit jealous.

While I have zero desire to go back to school (or ever take another standardized test again) I did get the urge to update my own desk supplies (I've had the same set up for close to eight years...) so that's exactly what I did!



  1. My desk could totally use a refresh! My boys could have cared less about their school supplies…kind of jealous of your girls' stylish choices!!!

    Hope school is off to a great start!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. I keep a few sentimental items on my desk as I work from home a LOT. Keeps me "in tune"! Love some of the fun choices in your post!

  3. Sue I love looking at desk and office supplies, there are so many good looking options now!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks

  4. I have a newly remodeled kitchen and a desk area with glass top. I would love to see some styling of an area like this. Should I put family pics or decorative paper under glass or keep it clean and simple. Hoping to see some pics of functionally styled desktops.


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