Hello Fall

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Happy Fall! I'm not one of those people that gets really excited for autumn...I hate when the summer ends. But since I can't change this major fact of time, I've decided to fake it until I make it...

For me, a big part of embracing the change of seasons, especially the ones I'm not crazy about (fall and winter) is the chance to change up my wardrobe. Bust out some old favorites and introduce some new finds. I'm not gonna' lie, I'm a bit excited about wearing all types of boots and leather pants again.

I've been editing down my closet ever since we moved and trying to pay extra attention to every day basics. The pieces I know I'll where over and over again.  This speckled over sized sweater fits the bill perfectly, I'll wear it a million different ways, starting with this one right here!


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  1. Blah, I'm not really interested in autumn either!!!! I see it as an ending to the warm & relaxing days of summer and being forced into a holding pattern until the festivity filled days of the Christmas season. Totally not into fall home decorating either.
    But those coated black jeans and putting a tassel or pouf thingy on my handbag will make me a little happier :)


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