The Allure Of The Leopard Coat

Through the years, I've ordered and returned about half a dozen leopard coats. Even though I love a leopard print (shoes, bags, belts, tops!) I never feel quite right in a leopard coat. This happens every fall. Really, I should be immune to this by now.. yet just last week, I found myself unable to take my eyes off this coat. Would this be the one? 

Before I could even make up my mind, I spied another coat hanging right near it. This one was a flattering shade of deep blue with a fun faux leopard collar. Surely I could wear this one and not feel like Mrs. Robinson!  Unfortunately, the store sold out of my size. After trying on the closest size available I convinced myself this was the leopard coat that was meant for me...not quite as fashion forward as the full on version, but in this coat I didn't feel conspicuous or like I was wearing a costume.

Do you wear leopard? Would you wear a leopard coat? Would I just get used to it?




  1. I love the DVF wrap coat! Affordable too!

  2. I love them. They are so chic, especially that first picture - honestly, you made me want to go out and buy one! I have been wanting one since seeing Kate Moss in hers years back. That goes to show it really is a timeless look, as long as you keep the rest of the outfit solid and neutral. Of course, out of your links, I like the most expensive one.....sigh!**

  3. Pffft! Leopard is a neutral, dahling! I have a collection of faux leopard jackets (bonus points when they're vintage)...they're classic, like a little black dress. They've become my signature style.

  4. Anonymous10/01/2015

    I really dislike that you have added links to sites that are real animal fur. One is rabbit the other calf. Sorry.

  5. I like the DVF. That one is super flattering. But the most divine is the one shown with the Celine bag!


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