Our Front Foyer Art: The Three Silhouettes

Because our foyer gets such pretty light, I often post a quick Instagram as I'm walking through or heading out the door. Whenever I do I always get questions about our silhouette artwork. These three pieces are easily my favorite "things" in the house, so I thought I'd share more about them here today.

The silhouettes are the work of New York City artist, Carter Kustera. You can contact Carter directly though his website here or through Jonathan Adler. I still remember the very first time I saw Carter's silhouette artwork, it was on the dressing room walls of the co-op of Barneys New York. 

This was back in 2008. I'd been looking for something to place on the walls of our front entry stairs for years. As soon as I saw the bold modern colors mixed with the traditional silhouette idea I was sold. I contacted Carter as soon as I got home from the city and was told to pick out paint colors for the pieces. He said any Benjamin Moore color would work.

While there was nothing on my foyer walls, I did happen to have three pretty little Kate Spade books (these to be exact) sitting on my front table. The photo below by Nicole Cohen shows the books much clearer...

These three books were a gift from one of my closest friends and I loved how they looked in our mostly neutral foyer. So I took the books with me to the paint store and picked the three Benjamin Moore colors that matched the book jackets best. Once I had the colors sorted out, I took three silhouette photos of my kids and emailed them along with the paint names (and cute little sayings we wanted on each) to Carter.

And that's the whole story of the three silhouettes. I don't think all art needs to match your decor, but in this case it's fun to have the little pops of color in the foyer match up in a subtle manner. The best part for me is the timeless appeal of my three children captured in this fun way. Even though these images are from seven years ago, all three still look exactly the same to me...and probably always will.



  1. Beautiful the fun, modern touch and burst of color they it!

  2. I love these! What a smart and sweet way to show your kids! And I love the color in the neutral space, it really pops!



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