The Weekend Wrap Up

image via: Eddie Ross - Modern Mix

This week was a tough one. Despite the joy of the One Room Challenge ending, real life took over in many other ways. I've got a lot to catch up with...

A (nother) great book that I've been meaning to mention is Modern Mix by Eddie Ross. A few months ago my friend and fellow blogger Elizabeth, threw the most beautiful lunch in honor of Eddie and his new book. It was a perfect early fall day and I loved hearing Eddie talk about this book and all the different design elements he put into creating it. You can read more about this day here.

I've been following Eddie's design career for years and have even heard him talk about inspiration and style in the past. Afterwards I always get motivated to try out new looks and ideas in my own home. Which is why I"m thrilled about this clever book, not to mention all the fabulous press he's received for it.  Modern Mix is broken down into several different categories, all intended to inspire you with your own home, table top and entertaining style. Congrats on a wonderful book Eddie!


It's so easy to get caught up in the "smoke and mirrors" of social media, which is why I loved this little reminder: Social Media vs. Real Life

Whenever Shea gives design advice, you can be sure I'm listening, and taking notes! 

Pretty obsessed with Albertina's new art discovery (and stunning purchase!)

I want all the pies.


Going through all my sweaters, I had to part ways with a heavily stretched out and pilled favorite cashmere v-neck, luckily this one looks a lot like the one I wore to the ground, and it's on sale! 

Have you ordered your Holiday Cards yet?! UGH, me either. Haven't even gotten around to taking a photo of the kids, I need to get on it.

Obsessed with this stunning serving bowl.


Teen Girls Gift Guide

The One Room Challenge ended this week! I'm still going through all the reveals and the linking participants, so many great projects and inspiration! Congrats and thank you to Linda for putting together another fabulous blogging event.

 If you love wallpaper like I will LOVE this home tour.



  1. Love these random musings! Good stuff here Sue!

  2. What a great recap, love the condensed version, nice and tidy! I look forward to reading the the article real life media....sounds intriguing. Have a great weekend:)

  3. Sue! This Weekend Wrap Up is such a good idea, I wish I had thought of it! You have a great one!

  4. Sue you have covered it all and so many great goings on! I was also thrilled with Albertina's art find! Have a fab weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Sandra Goroff

  5. I met Eddie and Jaithan at Furbish in Raleigh a few weeks ago and loved them both! I'm loving Modern Mix!!

  6. Drooling over the cashmere sweater, something to live in for sure. J'adore Eddie and Jaithan, so pleased he is published on this level. Love your wrap ups, always filled with great information. ~ebh

  7. Thank you, Sue. Glad you jumped back into the ORC. I loved the article on social media.

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I'm so happy with the painting and now am thinking I need one! Like the woman in gold!! Starting the ORC touring through yours! Love that Vince sweater...I think anything they make is magical!


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