Book Review: At Home In The Garden


Legendary lifestyle expert Carolyne Roehm has really outdone herself with her latest book, At Home In The Garden.  Last month I received a review copy of this magnificent book from the publisher and have been enjoying the lush, vibrant gardens, beautiful centerpieces, floral arrangements and table settings ever since. If you have an avid gardener or someone that simply enjoys flowers on your gift list, I highly recommend picking up a copy of At Home In The Garden

"It's as simple as this, a garden is like love...a place you venture into with hope, energy, excitement, enchantment and the greatest of expectations." - Carolyn Roehm.

*I received a free copy of  At Home In The Garden, from the publisher, but this did not influence my opinion here.


  1. OMG!!! Just stunningly beautiful. I want those flowers!!!

  2. Thoughts of Spring in the midst of Winter! Gorgeous, Sue!

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  3. Thank you for reviewing this book. It's going to make the perfect gift for someone special. So excited!


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