The Weekend Wrap Up

My kids officially start their winter break today - one week away from Christmas, two weeks away from New Years and it's been so unseasonably warm (even hot) that we've been running the air conditioning. Christmas in New England? What a difference from last year! 

I know it's incredibly cliche to talk about the weather, but it's amazing how much climate changes can impact not only your day, but also how you feel about a whole holiday season. Confused is probably the word I'm hearing most around here...


Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. I can't wait to try out this recipe, sounds like the ultimate cookie.


  1. Beautiful photo :)
    Maria V.

  2. I love this round up! The weather is certainly making it hard to get in the holiday spirit but it will be here before we know it...even in 60 degree weather. Now I know what the holidays must be like in California! Hope you have a beautiful week, Sue!


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