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Who doesn't love a fresh start? I tend to give myself several each year:) Usually the first attempt at organization takes place when my kids head back to school in September, only to be followed by another attempt at the end/beginning of each year. One day I'll get my act together...right?? Until then, practice makes perfect (hopefully). 

Right now my current method is to keep a large desk blotter each month in front of me right under my key board and mouse, another smaller desk top calendar nearby and then a small pocket planner in my bag for last minute plans and reminders. I probably should just move to digital and keep it all together on my phone, but for some weird reason I can't seem to make that happen! How do you keep your schedule/day/life on track? I'd love to hear...


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  1. please sign me up for time management as I get older I need it more! xo K


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