Into The Fray

First it was tassels and fringe (a trend I still love!) and now frayed edges are having a moment. Even better, you just need a pair of scissors and a pair of old jeans. I've cut, cropped and frayed both a pair of basic blue skinnies and a pair of white denim and these quickly have become two of my most worn and best loved jeans.

Though not just for hems - the frayed trend has migrated onto everything, including tops, bags and shoes. Here's a round up of a few of the frayed looks I love.



  1. Wonderful! I have found DIY on jeans works best when you cut, then do a small hem right above the area you want it to fray, then wash. This of course requires pulling out a sewing machine. How do you do it? Advice?

    1. Hi Emily,
      The only tip I have is to use a sharp pair of scissors and cut both legs at once, layered together if possible, to get them even.I never sew them, but your method sounds very professional (ie-out of my league:) thanks!


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