Our Visit To The Wynwood Walls

my oldest child

While we were down in Florida over the holiday school break, we spent a day visiting the Wynwood Walls in Miami. If you're not familiar with this hip street art destination (and before our trip I was only vaguely aware of it) it's a Miami neighborhood that was (before 2010) mostly made up of warehouses.  In order to revitalize this previously overlooked part of the city, a group of artists and community planners got together and transformed this area with vibrant street art.

The Wynwood Walls project has now brought the world's greatest street and graffiti artists to the forefront by allowing the public to view their art in this collective and park like atmosphere- "a museum of the streets." The warehouses seem like giant canvases for some of the most colorful and creative street art I've ever seen. You can read more about the whole project here.

My selfie loving daughters had a lot of fun posing in front of the beautiful walls. They weren't alone, and part of the fun was seeing everyone around us take advantage of the stunning backdrops for their own Instagrams. Even my son and my husband enjoyed the day-although their lack of interest in the social media aspect had them ducking out early into a nearby juice bar (Jugo Fresh-which we all LOVED-please open in CT!).  In short, this was a great day-it's free and a lot of fun!

middle child


  1. What a great source of inspiration, and your daughters are beautiful Sue!

  2. We are heading to Miami next month. We will definitely check this out! Do you have any more tips? Thank!


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