A Hint Of Spring

This weekend, temps climbed into the high 50s here in Connecticut and it felt like spring was right around the corner. The days are significantly longer and the snow (at least for now) has melted away - all of this had us literally dreaming about summer breaks and beach houses.

Before we knew it we were over on VRBO scrolling through options looking for the perfect late summer New England coastal rental.  We still haven't settled on one. I think part of the fun's in the hunt. It's like trying on different identities... Do we want a modern home, a traditional  classic cape, a new construction shingle style? And then, the location?! The list (all good in my opinion) goes on and on.

One thing I do know for sure, this beauty of a beach house by Brady Design and featured in Luxe magazine would suit my beach home style needs just right!


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  1. I love those wsoft springy colors when everything is in bloom. Thank you for the wonderful and soothing pictures. Hope you have luck with the search of the house!

  2. Yes, the weather was wonderful in NJ this weekend. Today is not too bad either. I am so ready for spring although we still need to squeeze in a few more VT ski weekends before then! Love these photos and have fun finding a house!

  3. Que casa linda, se senti o frescor do ambiente. Uma casa para climas quente.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  4. Beautiful and sunny inspiration!


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