Love Is In The Air

My relationship with Valentines Day is always changing. From the young girl that loved getting a Whitman sampler from her dad, to the anxious teen hoping for some carnations to be delivered to her homeroom (did your high school offer up this torture too?) to single life, to dating life and weird expectations and over price fixed menus and finally to the present....simply buying little gifts for my three kids (they're each getting one of these) and calling it a day.  If I get some flowers and/or candy from my husband it's a win - but if I don't - it's certainly not a loss!

Unlike my feelings about Valentines Day, my thoughts on all things pink, heart shaped and sentimental is constant. I love all the cliche little items designed for this Hallmark Holiday. I adore pink and hearts and xs and os all the time, not just on the 14th. Which is why I couldn't resist putting together this sweet little group of adorable and affordable Valentines Day gift ideas. 


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