Weekend Wrap Up

We're still getting used to our puppy (and vice / versa ) - and the house hasn't been the same since Cosmo came home. On the advice of several dog loving friends, I bought a few bottles of this spray. The potty training this time of year is proving to be a challenge (for all of us). Not to mention muddy paws on the floors daily. Cue my renewed love of white vinegar. If you love cleaning with this low cost natural product too, check out-20 Ways To Clean With Vinegar. 

Also of note:

56 Year Old Model Making Sports Illustrated History (amen!)

AND! the ad on the back cover-pretty clever.

Obsessed with these bamboo style candle stick holders.

Have you seen Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian's homes?! (so good!)

A fabulous new candle collaboration.

I tried white chicken chili for the first time at a Super Bowl party- I plan on testing out the recipe in my slow cooker this weekend.

Did some online clothes shopping.

Some home decor shopping on Etsy as well.

Hot Hair Trends For 2016

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  1. Indoor dog fence installed in basement is a big help. Also a dog bell on the door leading outside is a quick training method.
    Dogs are awesome!!!


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