Color Crush: Tranquil Turquoise

If you follow on Instagram, then you know we just got back after two lovely weeks in Florida. It's no secret that a change of scenery is good for the's also great for inspiring new ideas. Generally speaking, Floridians tend to use a lot more color in their homes than we do here in the North East. 

I visited a few decor shops in the Palm Beach area and fell in love with a velvet bench in the most perfect shade of bright turquoise - very similar to the one featured here. It's always a good sign when you find yourself still thinking about something several days later. So inspired by the idea of a bright turquoise moment, I pulled together a few more ways to get some tropical yet tranquil turquoise color popping in the home.


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  1. Turquoise is such a happy color, and it works so well with neutrals like beige or brown, as well as white. I love it with a zesty orange, as well. A little exotic ray of sunshine.


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