Spring Sandal Shopping

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Here's the thing...I actually LOVE all the lace up tie sandals and ballet flats I'm seeing everywhere, I even bought a beautiful pair of wedge espadrille lace ups, only to return them. I couldn't get used to the feeling of these strapped around my ankle. They felt like my feet were slipping out of them and because they would loosen throughout the short time I had them on, I was constantly bending over to re-tie them. If anyone has a great pair of tie/lace up shoes that gives the look, without an actual need to tie them, I'd love to know...

So, trendy lace up shoes's a few fabulous pairs of spring/summer sandals that I'm loving both for their comfort and looks.


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  1. Check out the TED talk about tying shoelaces. You go around the opposite direction to make the bow, and it holds!

  2. I agree about lace ups, but now I'm intrigued to see TED talk. LoVe those Tory B sandals!

  3. OK I will take 1 and 2 to start.. and 3 could be so great with the right happy sandal weather is nearly here!

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