Weekend Wrap Up

Spring! Even the word just makes me happy. Spring cleaning, spring shopping and this weekend, spring entertaining! I meant to do a post on spring holiday table settings and now Easter is already here this Sunday. I'll have to make it a point to remember to get it up before Passover next month.
Here's a few fun things that occupied my time this week...

-I just pre-ordered a copy of Curtis Sitenfeld's newest book, Eligible. I couldn't help myself, I've read and loved all of Curtis' books and I can't wait for this one to arrive.

-A little late to the game on this one, but have you seen Emily Henderson's stunning nursery reveal?!

-THE Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe  (haven't tried it yet, stumbled upon it earlier this week, now can't stop thinking about it!)

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  1. I really like your sink fixtures. Where are they from? I wish I had done our marble countertops with an inset sink like that, but it was before that became stylish.

    1. Thanks! The fixtures are by Barber Wilson.

  2. Love your links! Can't wait to read the new Curtis Sittenfeld book as well. Have a fabulous weekend, Sue!! xoxo

  3. I've made those cookies, and they are as good as you'd think. Letting the dough "rest" really does make a difference. I usually end up freezing most of the dough balls so then I can have cookies on demand.

  4. I"ve got to try those cookies! Have never read a Curtis Sittenfeld book, but I have friends who love him!


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